Thursday, April 29, 2010

Strathmore Artist Papers! New Product!

These are not my photos but I have permission from Strathmore Artist Papers to show you them! I was contacted by Strathmore Artist Papers in March 2010 to have some of my art journal pages featured at their NAMTA trade shows..Attended by art retailers and suppliers to educate them on what types of art and art journalists are doing today! I am sure you can recognize a few other artists in the presentation display! I am over on the bottom left and second to the right of the computer monior screen. You can also see their new product displayed either side of the monitor. Visual Journals!!! With heavy duty papers! Because I know as an art journalist my journals take alot of abuse! LOL
These lovely Visual Journals will be shipped out to stores starting in June 2010 and will be available shortly after that! When I hear! I will let you know!

Here is a little close up! (Above)

Now here is a little hint about what is going to be happening! It will be exciting! Sorry, a hint is all I can give you at this time! I know it is not a very good hint but if you look closely you might figure it out! LOL...I just love teasing you all soooooooo much! tee hee!
First guess will get a little something special! But you will have to wait till I have it on hand!


More news coming soon!

Love and hugs,


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3Muses-Music Challenge and Announcements!!!

Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller (You may NOT copy, download, print or use in any manner without written permission from me) Thank you!
Well HELLO THERE! Yes, I know I have went mission in action for awhile, but I am here! I really am! Lots of new and exciting things happening! Will tell you a bit about it here in a minute!
First off, this first piece is for the 3Muses Challenge! Music Music Music!
"Dance to the Music"
Image Credits:
Background by: rubyblossom
Black & White Border by: me Nancy Baumiller
Inside Pink & Red Border by: Norma Frances
Dancing Girls by: linnet555
Hats by: fidgetrainbowtree
Blue Birdies by: jerseybarb85 (I think)
Ribbon by: jerseybarb85
Words by: Laineys Repertoire
Music Notes by: Microsoft Publisher
Onto the even more GOOD STUFF!!
Yup! DeviantScrap is now open for business!
And OHHHHHH MYYY! Is this shop yummy!

If you haven't heard Marsha at TumblefishStudio is one of the lovely designers at this new and fantastic shop along with the Owner and Designer Hollie at Holliewood-Studios !!! In these next two pieces I used some YUMMY images from her element packs which you can find on the Deviant website!!! They are awesome! Way to go Hollie and Marsha!
Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller (You may NOT copy, download, print or use in any manner without my written permission) Thank you!

"Moonbeam Rides"

For this digital piece....

Image Credits:

Background by: me Nancy Baumiller
Sparkly Stars by: me Nancy Baumiller

All other images were from TumblefishStudio element packs:
Bright & Bold Borders
Muted Vintage Borders
Fish Babes
Just for Fun

Talk about fun!

I am very happy to announce that Marsha has asked me to be one of her Creative Team members at DeviantScrap ! Thank you Marsha! I am having a blast and feel very honored to be part of your CT and your friend! Hugs!

Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller (You may NOT copy, download, print or use in any manner without written permission) Thank you!

I also participated in Marsha's Postcard Challenge!

"Wish You Were Here"

Image Credits:

Background by: me Nancy Baumiller
Rose Border by: me Nancy Baumiller
Funky Fish by: me Nancy Baumiller
Funky Face by: me Nancy Baumiller

Image elements from Marsha-TumblefishStudio element packs:

Bright & Bold Borders
Muted Vintage Borders
Fish Babes
Just for Fun

Alot of fun I tell ya!

I have been very busy learning PSE PhotoshopElements and also been playing and learning in Microsoft Publisher! Never thought I would go digital! LOL I am learning much more to learn! I am determined though...even when I get stuck with one of the programs and feel lost...eventually I will get it!

More exciting news coming SOON! Just waiting on the go-ahead! It's a secret at the moment and I can't tell you just yet! But I will, I promise! :O)

I think that is a long enough post for now! So go check out Hollie and Marsha and the gang at DeviantScrap !!! You won't be sorry!

Much love and hugs,


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Three Muses Challenge-Hats&Crowns&WIngs&Things

Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller (You may NOT copy, download or print for any reason without written permission from me first) Thanks!
Three Muses Challenge
Hats and Crowns and Wings and Things!
I think I covered the whole shabang! LOL
Image Credits:
Red/Texture Background: by SkeletalMess
Black/White Floor: by BeGoodN
Cow/Wood Chest/Wings: by JoesSistah
Tree: by rubyblossom
Border: by Norma Frances
Boy(Center): by Last Door Down The Hall
Monkey(Left-Front)/Boy Body(Right): by Donna67 aka Collage Anonymous
Bunny Head: by itkupilli
"Crown" word: by ArtByChrysti
Light Bulb: From Collage Play with Crowabout Group on Flickr (need to look into who exactly it belongs to) Sorry :(
Chicken: by me Nancy Baumiller
Little Girl(altered mag. clip): by me Nancy Baumiller
Striped Hat: by me Nancy Baumiller
Thank you all for your lovely imagery!
Thanks for stopping by to take a look!
Don't forget to check out my NEW online class!
Sign-Up and Pre-Registration is available now!! :O)
go Here for info!
Much love and hugs!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

NEW CLASS...Pre-registration and Sign Up!! Available Now!

A New Class!!! Can you believe it?! Heck! I can't believe I did it~!! LOL
I was thinking for a long while about this class and also thinking that it wasn't going to happen!
But, alas!! It's here and it's ready!
Well, at least Sign-up and Pre-Registration is ready for you now Today April 15th 2010!!!
Class starts June 14th 2010!!!
To read about it go HERE !!!
Click my jazzy new button (upper-right corner)!!!
Can you tell I am excited!? LOL

Hope to see you there!!!!
Many Blessings,
Nancy Baumiller

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!!!!

Happy Easter!!!
Freebie for you to use in your PERSONAL art only!!
This would be great for kids or grandkids to have a bit of paper play while you slave away in the kitchen cooking up your familys Easter Dinner!!!
Left click to open for a larger view then right click and save then print out for paper play!!!

Image Credits are as follows:

(Please credit these people as they are not all my own images and are supplied by some very generous artists in the Flickr group Collage Images and others!!) Thank you!

Girl w/egg baskets-Postcard by: takeabreak

Yellow and Pink Chicks by: Graphics Fairy

Top and bottom flower border by: karly b

Green Egg "Egg" by: Tea Potty

Egg w/flower swag by: Stmarygypsy

Bunny Egg Decorator by: Suzee Que

Butterflies by: Magic Moonlight free images

Small bunny in pink dress & "Bunny" by: ltl blonde

Words "Happy Easter" by: Me Nancy Baumiller

"Pink and white borders(sides) by: Me Nancy Baumiller

Wishing you and yours a very Happy and Blessed Easter!!!

You will hearing from me soon with some exciting news!

Much love and hugs,