Monday, November 29, 2010

New Art!!!

New Art Journal Pages!!!
Credits for first page:
Border: My own imagery and Teesha Moore
Bird Fairy: Body/Feet Teesha Moore...Bird Head: Not sure where I found it.
Main Imagery: Body by me...Legs by Teesha Moore...Face&Hat by Me
Writings and doodles are of my own.

I have to tell you, I don't know how many camera shots I had to take of this page just so it would look decent on here! Sheessh! lol
This second page credits:
Border: Teesha Moore imagery, My own and a bit of scrapbooking paper & also a bit from Tumblefishstudio -Little Round Things.
Main Imagery: Body and Face cut from magazine and other books then altered.
Legs: From my Body Language kit at Crowabout StudioB
Writings and doodles are of my own.
Thank you for stopping by!
Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved You may NOT copy, print or download in any fashion without prior written permissions.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Last Day To Catch Black Friday Sales at Crowabout StudioB @ DeviantScrap

Yes! I have gone and done it again!!!
Crowabout StudioB @
Is have another Gigantic Sale!
Everything 40% off!!!!!!
Sale begins Wed November 24th thru Sun November 28th 2010!!!
So put down all the holiday feast preparations, let someone else baste that turkey and come
join us in all the fun and exciting sales:


Be seeing you soon,

Until then, all of us at Crowabout StudioB would like to wish you a...

Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!



Friday, November 12, 2010

New Art-3 Muses Challenge-Blackbirds

Created for The Three Muses Challenge-BlackBirds
"Crow Bar"
Thanks ladies this was fun!

Background: From "Backgrounds & Alpha" Crowabout StudioB
Crows: From "One Old Crow" Crowabout StudioB
Words "Crow" "Bar": From "Oddly Odds & Ends" and "Backgrounds& Alpha" Crowabout StudioB
Words "Caw Caw": From "One Old Crow" Crowabout StudioB
Coatrack, No Smoking Sign, Vending Machine, Top Hats, Exit Sign & Jukebox: From "Thing Finder" Holliewood Studio
Martini Glasses/Bottle: From "Void" Holliewood Studio
Trash Can & Tables: From "Tommy Town" Clemetine Designs
Bar Stools: From "Rusty & Abandoned" Crowabout StudioB

Thanks for stopping by!



Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller-All Rights Reserved

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's New????

A new kit! That's what is new!!!
"Body Language"
Womanly Bodies, Manly Bodies, Faces, Body Parts, Gorgeous gowns, Clothing & More!
5-Colorful Grungy Backgrounds w/Borders
5-Colorful Grungy Backgrounds w/o Borders

And always....ALWAYS ...Printables!!! 6-8.5x11 Printable Collage Sheets

This kit is available today and on sale


And now for some lovely inspiration from the TEAM using this kit!!!

Come by for a visit! Find inspiration! Play!


Deviant Scrap now has a ..............


See you there!

Many Blessings & Creative Moments,

From all of us Crows at Crowabout StudioB @

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hello Everyone!!
You heard right! A BIG HUGE GIGANTIC SALE is about to hit Crowabout StudioB!!!
Tonight at MIDNIGHT till MIDNIGHT Sunday November 7th EST USA is CELEBRATING DSD!!!
Everything will be 40% OFF!!!! Holy cowz!!!!!
There are fun little games and great prizes to boot!!!!
So exciting!
It is the perfect time to get great kits for cheap cheap cheap!!!!
Whether you are into Digital Art or Paper Collage Art my kits contain both Digital PNGS and Printable JPEG Collage Sheets!
I have also started a new thread in the forum!!
Crowabout's World
A place to ask me questions, tell me a good joke, to be silly and let off steam or just kick back and chat with me!!!!
Come and PLAY!!!!
Many Blessings & Creative Moments,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Three Muses Challenge-Showtime!!!

"The Amazing Squirrel Juggler"
Three Muses Challenge-SHOWTIME
Joe...the Amazing Squirrel Juggling career was cut short after the squirrels got together and attacked him after a show! They were tired of the crappy treatment of being tossed around in the air and thought it cruel and unusual punishment to squirrels and all other animals alike! No one has seen nor heard from Joe the Juggler ever again!
Thanks for stopping by!
Image Credits: Background/Seal/Balloon/Juggler-HAUNTED CIRCUS kit-Crowabout StudioB @
Face: MEN IN HATS kit-Crowabout StudioB @
Red Curtains: THEATRE OF DREAMS-Holliewood Studio @
Squirrels: WINTERY FRIENDS-Crowabout StudioB @
Words: Created in Photoshop
Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller-Crowabout StudioB All Rights Reserved