Friday, September 19, 2014

It's shameful really! But I love it!

Hello Again!

I am back on the blog for another bit of fun and a bit of art studio shaming! Just kidding! As a part of Seth Apter's of The Altered Page, I am participating in his show and tell Studio Table, to show without editing, what is on our work table and just how messy us artist's really are when we get in the groove to do lots of art!

My studio pretty much stays messy, I do clean it up time and time again, but for the most part it is messy! I like it that way! Don't judge me! Hee Hee  I find that in putting my supplies away, that I cannot find anything and limits my creativity! If it's already out and available, it is more like an "AH HA!" moment, "Yes! I can use that in this art piece" for example!

So here we go! This is the main table that I use to create, which most of the time I end up with 5 inches or work space and the rest is all art supplies! I really don't understand it myself, but it is what it is!
Now that I look at this photo, I see that the only thing that is in order is my glitter! Go figure! HA!

In this next photo, is (we are working right to left-sort of a panoramic view, but not) is my cabinet of stuff I am not currently using at the moment, like extra duplicates of supplies or office supplies. Same thing really but you get the picture. On top it holds a few gifties from friends and art that I have made. On the front is a few inspirational goodies! And below on the table is my clippings of a variety of images that I like to use in my collages and art journals! In the little drawer thingies (for a lack of a better word) houses my (SOME) of my pens and pencils.

Ack! A blurry photo! *takes notes* *for the love of God woman, please learn photography* 
In this next photo below, we have a strange gathering of groupies! Strange as they may be, they are good company and make me grin every time I see them! A few art pieces are displayed there as well. 

Just below my silly groupies is some cubical shelving...again, very unorganized but workable! More art supplies! Embellishments, Sticker letters, Fibers, Ink, A few stamps (I am not a stamper....yet), ATC stuffs, a box of vintage ephemera and more drawers of my imagery stash! 

Moving on to the even more embarrassing part of the studio is the floor and the things stashed under my work table! Yes, that is a bag of cardboard and empty cereal boxes etc! Magazines, a box of scrap paper (I use for backgrounds), boxes of misc frames, found metal objects, bags of stuffing for dolls and who knows what else is under there! It scares me to look! 
Now, you are probably wondering why there is hardly any paper scraps on the floor! Well, let me explain that to you like this....I hate shoes! I am barefoot for the most part and to be honest, when paper bits hit the floor and I get up to walk to the kitchen to get coffee or whatever room I may be headed too....I leave a paper trail! More like a trail of evidence of tale tell signs of what I did all day! So, knowing that paper bits stick to my feet and to keep my shenanigans from being exposed, I clean up the paper bits daily from the floor! 

That is my story and I am sticking to it! I should say, it's not sticking to me! *wink*

Hope you enjoyed the very small but packed to the gills studio tour!

Tah Tah!



  1. Familiar territory and I know now why I luve your designs!!

  2. AWESOME! Love the glimpse into your creative world, Nancy! :)

  3. fantastic and mine is the same LOL.

  4. Ahhhh! (long time no see, Nancy! I used to play in the Crowabout Collage group on Flickr) this pretty much looks EXACTLY like what I'd expect your space to be, girl! Explody bits of color & multiple projects all over the place <3 LOVE

  5. Love the PEZ dudes, I have several hundred of them. Thanks for the peek, I 'm glad I'm not the only one who is chaotic.