Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Classes are in session!

Just wanted to stop in and let you all know I am still kicking!

The classes have begun!! Yay! Students are all ready busy playing!

Sorry I haven't been here...between being sick and working on videos and my class just haven't had alot of time to stop in and I do apologize for that!

Hopefully I will find some time soon to get some art kicked out, it is a little busy here at home also. lol

I will be back soon!

Much love and hugs!



Friday, October 2, 2009

Collage Sheets! NEW!!

UPDATE!!! Crowabout now has 2 NEW DIGITAL COLLAGE SHEETS in their SHOP !! And even better NEWS....ALL DIGITAL COLLAGE SHEETS are now at a NEW LOW PRICE of $1.99 only!!!! How cool is that!!! So now we have even more digi collage sheets! SUPPLIES now CHEAPER for all your ARTISTIC ENDEAVORS!!! Yay!!! Hope you will come by and have a PEEK !!!



Hello Everyone!

Thought I would stop in and say a HELLO!

Just a little sneaky peek at what I am working on....Actually I am kinda stuck on it LOL I am having a bit of trouble finding images that fit the bill for where I am going with it....So hopefully soon I will find those stubborn images that are hiding from me! ;O)


The class is getting closer and closer!! I am so excited!

There are already some eager class-lings who have made their payment and sitting patiently in their desks awaiting for the class to begin!!

If your interested in the class or have signed up and got your supply lists and also still interested there is a Paypal button to pay for the class and finish up your registration! Upon payment you will receive Your supply lists(if you haven't got them yet) an invitation to the classroom and get to see who's there and all the goodie files just waiting for you to open and play!!!

Here is the CLASS BLOG LINK(You will need to scroll down to find the button when you get there):

Ohhhhh! Yes! Almost forgot! I will be adding 2 new collage sheets to my shop this weekend! Yay!

I will post here when they are in the shop!!!

Thank you for stopping by

Hope each and everyone of you have a lovely day!