Monday, June 28, 2010

Collage Sheets!

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Some new things to share with you! Will have some art to share hopefully later this week!
This is one of my new digi kits at Deviant_Scrap go to Crowabout StudioB!!
Wild Things & Papers!!
Aren't these creatures just cute as can be?! I love them!

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Also, took some time to create a few kits with just Collage Sheets in printable Jpg format!!

Here is one of them!

The only difference in the jpg printables is the papers...the papers in this kit are ATC size!!

Come visit, see other kits created by me CrowaboutStudioB!! Come play!!

Be back soon!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

New Art and New Collage Sheets

"Wings Things & Flying Machines"
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I would like to share with you some of the things we are working on in the Journal-Junkin' online workshop! The first 4 photos shown here are from the covers of my own personal art journal that I am working on along with the class!
Photo#1 Image Credits: Borders are by me using my own collage-sheets and top borders are by Land of Nod Studios. Main Image (bottom-center) is also from my collage sheets...the wings I am unsure where I received them as I have had them for awhile. Steampunk machine, flying bug, round bit(left of main image&upper right(dial)) and coffee tin are all by Land of Nod Studios. Bird, bird body(parrot) and green butterfly are unknown source I said it has been awhile).All other images, lettering and such are my own. Air Balloon above steampunk machine is cut from decorative paper.
"Chicken Scratch"
Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved (You may NOT copy, download or print for any reason without my permission)
(To class students) Don't worry girls we will get to this part with the text and details soon! :O)
Photo#2 Image Credits: All border pieces are my own except for the stamp image I believe to be Land of Nod Studios and bottom border piece with writings on it by Teesha Moore.
Building, man, helmet, phonebooth, baby, babies hat and wings all by Land of Nod Studios. Windows, chicken, funky person (on Right), word "Friends" by me.

"Dream & Play"
Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller All rights reserved (You may NOT copy, download or print for any reason without permission from me)
All border pieces with the exception of the top middle piece "Cravings" and the Eye are from Teesha Moore. Crown, face, arms are also from Teesha Moore. Body and hand lettering by me.

"Sweet Music"
Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller All rights reserved (You may NOT copy, download or print without my permission)
Most all border pieces are from Teesha Moore, Gold black border piece by me, Sticker (lower left corner "surprise" fish sticker by WackyStuff. Hat, face, eyes, neck, body, wings and arms and completely hand drawn and painted by me. All lettering and details by me.

"Wild Creatures"
Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller All rights reserved (You may NOT copy, download or print without my permission)
Last one for now....In my "Journal Junkin" a bonus I will also be teaching how I created my handdrawn/painted creatures!!!!! If you are still interested to come and play with us...there is plenty of room and the classroom will remain open til the end of the year here is the LINK for information about the class!!!

One more thing to tell you! I have 5 new collage sheets in my etsy shop Here !!! Here are just two of them! Watermarks will not appear on the actual purchased collage sheet.

Before I say anything else: These 5 collage sheets are included in the price of the "Journal Junkin" class!! Just thought I would let you know!! :O)

Thank you for visiting me! You are always welcome here! Hope you enjoyed all the eye candy! More to come!! :O)
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Friday, June 11, 2010

Can you believe it??!!!

Can you believe it??!! Journal Junkin Online Workshop starts Monday June 14th?? Wow! Has time flown!! Are you ready to play? If you are not registered for this class yet...NOW is the time! After Sunday June 13th 2010 there will not be any refunds available! So, if you are still interested in this class go HERE to view the information or pay for your registration! You can of course join at any time before the end of the year because this is an on-going class till Dec. 31st you can play anytime you want...the only thing is that there will not be any refunds after the above date of June 13th 2010. Most all materials for this class are easily obtainable and pretty sure most of you already have most of what is needed on hand! It will be tons of fun and lots of new friendships to be made!!

I just had to pull out my paper art journal and
play a bit yesterday! I couldn't stand it any longer! It has been so long! Are you in shock?! LOL It was most enjoyable and got to play in my new tiny studio! It still looks like crap but it is getting there and will soon get some sneak peeks of it to share with all of you!!!

here is another page I created with only one tiny piece of collage....Yup the eye! That's it! LOL I drew and painted the rest of the page and then journaled (did I spell that right eh well) ANYWHO!! lol Journaled all over the page! WHAT FUN I HAD!! Been wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to long! I promise to do more paper pages!!
Since I have started my new journey in digital PNG kits at DeviantScrap I have been asked a few times about PNG images and can they be printed out for paper play? Of course they can!
The only difference between JPG and PNG is that the background is transparent and leaves just the image you were going to cut out anyways! :O) PNG just makes it easier for digi play. And you don't have to print out a whole collage can pick and choose just what you need to print out!! Niceeeeeeeeee! I will have some new kits soon, but for the moment I need to concentrate on the class!
Hope to see some of you there!!
Much love and hugs,
All images are Copyrighted 2010 by Nancy Baumiller aka Crowabout & Crowabout StudioB - (You may not copy, download, print or use for any reason without permission from me) Thanks!

Image Credits: Images from my digi kits @ CrowaboutStudioB
Images from: Teesha Moore.
Some images were taken from a magazine and altered.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Stuffs and News!!

Funky Dolls
This is one fun kit! Funky Dolls can be mixed n' matched to create different dolls!
This kit contains:
5-Funky Faces
5 - Funky Outfits
5 - Funky Hats
5 - Legs w/ Shoes
This kit is a great addition to Funky People Parts kit!!!!
Both can be found:

This next new funky kit is just like Vintage Bits & Borders...but with a twist
Vintage Gone Groovy so bright, colorful and just so darn yummy!!!
Vintage Gone Groovy can be found:
and here is some wonderful art created with these kits by my lovely and talented CT!!
Terri D.


Terri D.
In other news...our almost 23 year old daughter and her two wee little ones have finally flown from the nest..We will miss them so much! I miss my grandbabies so much! The house is so quiet and might I say clean that I don't know what to do with myself! LOL
On a lighter note on that subject....I get my studio back! LOL Sorry dear daughter! **grin** I will be out tomorrow to get me a desk or large table and start jazzing up the extra room! Hoping we can find a long enough cord to go from our modem to the studio! haha It's our only option for me to have my computer in there so....When I have my studio put together I will be sure to take some pictures!!!!
Thanks for stopping by and visiting me!
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