Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Art Journal goodness!!

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This first one is an entry in my art journal in celebration of the 50th week for Collage Play with Crowabout group on Flickr! I love you guys!!!

Copyright 2009 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved (You may NOT copy, download or print for any reason without permission)
Another entry in my art journal! I can't decide if I am finished with the page or not just yet! But the image up top in the left hand corner is the start of something new...well not so new but different! It is an image from a magazine revamped with paint and Prismacolor pencils!

Copyright 2009 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved ( You may NOT copy, download or print for any reason without permission)
Another magazine image revamped...but this time I used pretty much the whole page!!
It says, "Art feeds my soul." I may not be the best painter but I love to paint! Just playing with the paints teaches me new things!! Learning is good!!

Copyright 2009 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved (You may NOT copy, download or print for any reason without permission)
An out of focus sneaky peek at something I am working on in my art journal...Still have some work on it to do!!
But not for awhile...I have other things to work on! Like the class! :O)
I am thinking that using my other email to contact class members is working out a bit better...my other email box is being a jerk! LOL Plus my computer speed is horrid...slow as a snail in a foot of snow! hee hee.....I have satalite and they say it is suppose to be high speed internet....well....to be quite honest it is slower than dial up! Ugh! I am allow only so much downloading time and then the internet provider lags my computer to even slower than snail speed! Maybe it is time for a new computer...Maybe next year....but if I don't get me some toner from my printer soon ...I think I will go nutz! Shush! I know what your thinkin LOL
Also, next year I am thinking about a different camera...the one I have I don't like it...plus I don't know how to work the damn thing! LOL I miss how things were when I was younger....simple...we didn't have remotes for the tv when you had to get off your duff and change the channel manually lol or cable....stuff like that. I think I want me a good ol camera that requires 35mm film! But of course I have to have the zoom lens!! lol I think I would have much better luck with a camera like that. The one I have is a Fujifilm finepix 10x optical zoom...zoom my butt! LOL Everytime I zoom I get nothing but blur baby! LOL Maybe I am just not intelligent enough to work the darn thing!
Like my Dad says, "You have got to be 10% smarter than the equipment your working with." LOL Thanks Dad! :OP Well in this case the equipment has got me beat on smarts! ;o)
Any suggestions for cameras?? Would love to hear from you!
Off to go put my girls to bed and drag out my notebook to jot more ideas for the class!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Here I is!

Can I get an "OH MY"!!

Yes indeed!

I had the most excellent mail day this past Saturday!! I seen a package from Marsha and thought...What in the world did she send me now! OHHHH MYYY MYYY MYYY Marsha you spoil me girl!!! She sent me 4 prints of her work using my images from my Collage-Sheets !!! The larger one is an 8" x 10" print of her "Lady Fish" ...The 3 smaller ones are 5" x 7" (from left to right) "Fish Secrets"..."Little Sense" and "Wings". GORGEOUS!!! You can also get some of these prints at Marsha's Etsy plus I she has original art as well! Her prints are limited editions, signed, dated and numbered! SO hurry on over to her etsy and show her some love!!!!

Thank you so very much Marsha! You made my day...weekend...week...month etc! LOL I love it all!!!!

Art Journal Reworked!!!

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I changed the outside of my art journal some more and now I think I am finally happy with it!!! Also did some art in it this weekend and will show the pages throughout the week! I hope! I am so darn pickin busy with class prep, my group and future stuffs!! LOL My head is spinning but having a pretty good time at it! :O)

There is still room in my upcoming class/workshop "Collage Dreams on Paper" You can click on the button up top in my side bar (Class Sign up and Registration) and also, Here !!


I've been published! Just got my copy from Art Journaling by
Somerset Studio ....Their Autumn issue! I haven't seen them on shelves yet??? But I am in it! Let me tell you it is one gorgeous magazine!!! Thank you Somerset Studio for choosing my art journal!!! Their are tons of other artists that will get your mojo going to get you inspired to create!!! Wonderful job guys!!
Now onto some new art that I photographed really bad LOL Nothing new here! hee hee

Copyright 2009 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved (Do NOT copy or download or print for any reason with out my permission)
"Rekindled Dream"
"Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being...each of us owes our deepest thanks." ~unknown (gotta look that up heh!)
Created on" 8.5" x 11" cardstock
Background: Watersoluable Neo II crayons
Border: Decorative papers, Handmade papers, Some of my own personal imagery and from http://www.teeshamoore.com/ and http://www.tuscanrose.com/ (the cute yellow bird up top)
Central Image: Hat-by me Nancy Baumiller, Face-Unsure(it is either from Flickr Collage Images or http://www.tuscanrose.com/ (gotta look that up too LOL), Body-by me Nancy Baumiller, Wings-Scraps from http://www.teeshamoore.com/ collage sheets!
I used a variety of pens for the lettering in this piece and doodling!!
Sorry again for the poor photography but this piece is not scanable on my printer...the piece is too big with the little yellow bird up top to the right! The bird actually extends out from the edge of piece! So I guess it is bigger than 8.5" x 11" by maybe an inch (approx)
Thank you for stopping by!!!

UPDATE!!! Hello again! I have to ask....just to let you know my email is being a bugger....For those who have signed up for the class/workshop Collage Dreams on Paper online Just how many of you received your Supply Lists?? And those who have made payment....Have you received confirmation for that and your invite to the classroom?? You can reach me here mrmrsfritz(at)hughes(dot)net and I will send out what is need from my other email...it seems to be working ok!
Thank you for your patience!!

More News, Mail Love and art stuffs later today

Just wanted to stop in and let you know I have been busy busy and I will be back later today with a post! It's gonna be a long one! LOL Off and runnin'!



Monday, August 17, 2009

More Class News and Art journal cover....

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Ok! I am sitting here trying to decide whether or not to go back to bed...heeee....I did get alot done yesterday as far as the class and my New collage sheets on Etsy. I am also, in the process of deciding on which art pieces to offer as prints!! Thought I would never say that! But it's true...a million things going on at once...I am getting them done though but I think if I add one more thing to my to do list I think I will spontaneously combust! LMAO Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying myself immensely!!!!
COLLAGE DREAMS ON PAPER---CLASS INFO: For those who would like to purchase the class early ...There is now a Paypal button set up Here ! That will complete your Registration for now. You will be sent the invite and password to the class as it draws closer!
Let's see...what else is there to tell ya....Oh ya!!! My art journal above ***slaps forehead with open hand*** deeerrr Ralph! hee hee Not sure if you remember my "Second Childhood" art journal??? Wellllll....I changed it just a tad....hee hee.....ok alot! lol I still have work to do on it but good enough for the moment and will finish it when I get time......Hmmmmmm I may do that in the class! LOL When I go through Lettering!! Yes! That's what I will do...And if I muck it up on video...you will be the first witnesses!!! LMAO
Now I know there is something else I wanted to tell you....***leans elbow desk and taps forehead with index finger...repeating THINK THINK THINK ..much like Winnie The Pooh.***Uhhhh ya...Alrighty then...drawing a blank! lol I will come back later if I think of whatever it might be and post an Update to this blog entry if need be! LOL
Off I go for now..I have an art piece I have to package up and search the house for an operating system and pass key for my hubby who was asked by a co-worker who is a tech and needs his computer redone! **scratches head** Don't ask I don't know either! LOL
Oh yes! Now I remember what it was I wanted to tell you!! Keep your eyes peeled...I will be having a giveaway here soon!!! :O)
Now I am going...LOL
Have a wonderful and creative day!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sign Up and Pre-Registration NOW AVAILABLE

Howdy doooooo y'all!!! hee hee

Whew!! What a whirlwind I have been in! LOL I am here and Sign Up and Pre-Registration is finally available for my first workshop Collage Dreams on Paper!! Just click the image in the upper right of my sidebar for Info!! YAY!
I am excited!!! Maybe my sign up sheet and etc is what your used to ...but I did the best my little brain would allow! LOL
I am around but just so darn busy and realllllllllly want a vacation...who am I kidding! LOL Lots of stuff going on! Class prep, videos, goodie files!! Oh my!!!
Collage Sheets!!! (who said that??? Ohhh that was me LOL) Check it out!!
And ohhhhhhhhh have I stirred up a whole new pot of digital collage sheets! Just got them up on ETSY today!!! I would have never probably tried doing collage sheets again...but my good friend Marsha has been giving me little nudges to get off my duff and git r' dun! LOL She has been so helpful! Might I say she is a delight to talk with on the phone and y'all know how I hate phones! LOL It was great fun! Even her hubby was tinkering on his computer to help us along...So sweet! Thanks guys!!! Much love and hugs!!!
Off to bed I go!!! Got to get up early and send my little gals off to school!!!
NancyB aka Crowabout

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Class Advertisement...art journaling

And here it is!! The beginning! This is my front page advertisement for my
"COLLAGE DREAMS ON PAPER" class...Coming this FALL!!
In this class we will learn...hmm how can I say...The Crowabout Way...on how I create collages, with VIDEOS and PDF downloadable tutorials and COLLAGE SHEETS that are not even available yet! We will learn some BACKGROUNDS, creating BORDERS and how to create your own FUNKY PEOPLE/MAIN IMAGERY....DETAILS....LETTERING! I am going to show all! You are going to see it all first hand...from START to FINISH!!!
I have been working feverishly all day on all the PDF (files) with extra background tutorials and MORE EXTRAS!!! Whew! I am beat! But I am very pleased with how things are coming together! Who knew there was so much work involoved....I mean, I knew, but Wowwie!!! Not complaining here though! Ya it is alot of work but sooooooooo fun!!!!
About the PDF stuffs...I know there are some individuals who prefer JPEG's I can do that too! As soon as the sign up sheet is available, those who prefer either the PDF or JPEG can state so at that time!
As far as the date for the class I am going to shoot for October...about the middle somewhere...that way we will be getting all this done before the holidays (omitting Halloween) and plus all things will be calmed down a bit here on the homefront after my second Grandchild Amira is born!
I would like to try for a 5 week class...with lots of video time and interacting with everyone with a question and answer type thing and a place just to chat, let loose and have an all around good time! Thinking really hard about using Ning.com for the whole shabang!! It's private, has a chat room and all that good stuff!
I know that my advertisement is kinda on the cheesy side...**giggle** **snort** But you know what? I still haven't got the whole Photoshop thing figured out just yet! Later days on that note! For now I am designing in Microsoft Paint...yes you heard me right! LOL Hey! It works! At least for me! Been working with that program for some time now...and I have seen some art work on YouTube using the Paint program that would blow you away! Really! Heck I am still trying to get the whole coordination thing going on with my Wacom tablet and pen! **crossing eyes** LOL And you thought the mouse was difficult enough to manipulate in the Paint program! HA! Goodness me! I am 44 years young and still learning and not about to give up! :OP
Ok with that said....let me get the whole sign up sheet thing figured out and a set date and we will be good to go!!!!
Now some art journaling.....
Copyright 2009 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved (do not copy or download with out permission from the artist)
Pssst! Hint!!! We will be learning this background in some of the tutorials from the class! hee hee How's that for a tease?!
Oh isn't the image just dreamy!? All hand-trimmed and hand colored with Prismacolor pencils with the exception of the lips...the image was already semi-colored (the brown part of her sweater and lips)
I will be back with more details and hopefully a date and times etc!
Time for this old crow to have a cuppa something strong and at the same time relaxing! Hmmm wonder what that could be?! tee hee hee
Much Love and Hugs!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Art Journal play!!

Copyright 2009 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved (do not copy or download)

Lots of paint here! I played and played with paints, Neo II's, oil pastels, ink, rubberstamping and collage! This is an image I found in a vintage scrapbook awhile back. It was originally the paper fake photo you might find in a frame. Love her!

I have some exciting news! I am designing an online class! Yay! I am very nervous about it all! LOL I just hope it will be as fun as I am imagining it to be! I have never taken an online art class or in person for that matter either....erm well other than highschool LOL So the set up is just a bit off kilter for me!
I will show you this week, what I guess you would call the advertisement photo for the class!
And soon....I will be posting the date and a class sign up sheet that will be attached (some how lol) I haven't really have a set date as of yet...all I can tell you it will be this fall! :O)
Are you as confused as I am yet? LOL
Off to go relax!
Much Love and Hugs!!