Thursday, March 31, 2011

And we're back!! With a new digital kit plus collage sheets

Here we are!!! I am back, having a good time and a new kit to share!!

She's A Doll

Dollies, cupcakes, word art and Borders & Bits.....

Pretty Papers & A Few Grungy ones too!!

Borders & Bits!! And YES!! ATC printable Collage Sheets! Even included a few larger images for art journaling!! Here is the linky poo: Shoppe Woot! So good to be back!! Sorry I was quiet about it all...but I am here and ready to play again!! Ohhhh! Keep your eyes peeled for the 3rd Edition of The Deviant Muse!! Comes out tomorrow with lots of eye candy and other good things!! Be back again soon! Much Love and Hugs, xoxo NancyB

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Art Journal Play!! New Pages!!

I found a few days to sit and art journal!! I love them kinda days!! They
are always welcomed with open arms! A time to just be me and create!!!
This first page above is Play Day.
Border Bits from: Anahata, Teesha Moore, some personal stash and a few from one of my Junque 4 Art collage sheets!!
Main Imagery: Face/Body/BlackBrown horns also from my collage sheets & kits. Legs from Rian at riandesigns. Center horn from Teesha Moore.
Green doodles and lettering by me Nancy Baumiller

This second page is titled Paper Scissors.
Borders: My own doodling, Teesha Moore and a bit of personal stash.
Main Imagery: Magazine tid bts and personal stash. Book from Crowabout StudioB-Jack Frosts Steampunk Station and the dog is from Crowabout StudioB-Junkyard Dawgs.
Doodles and Lettering by me Nancy Baumiller

This third page..titled Great Passion.
Borders: Personal Stash, Teesha Moore and some doodling.
Main Imagery: Personal stash, Magazine tid bits, green horns Teesha Moore and doodled in between them with paint pens.
Doodles and Lettering by me Nancy Baumiller
Wish I could delve into more art journaling today, but my fridge and cupboards are hungry for food haha Plus I need to get some other work done today!! So off I go!!
Thank you for stopping by!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

New Things!!!

Hello!!! How are you?
Another new fun kit Junkyard Dawgs has just been released to my shoppe!!
Such sweet faces these doggies have!! Awww! They want you to come play!!
This kit comes with:
Great accessories
12- 12x12 Digital Papers!! Yum!!
Here is a preview of these papers...
Also included are 3-ATC Printable Collage Sheets!!!

Junkyard Dawgs is available...


The team had quite a fun time with this kit! Alot of sillyness going on here!!

Take a look at what they created!!

Talk about inspiration...and...a few giggles to boot!!

by: joyuslion

by: LauraPM

by: Scrappie Irene

by: MichelleInMi

and another great LO by: LauraPM

More to come!!

I also have a couple art journal pages I need to put on the computer ..edit etc and will have them posted soon!!!

Thank you for stopping by! It is always a pleasure to see you!!



Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little Surprises that make your day.....

So many days that go by that I get so busy and forget to slow down...then when something like this shows up in your mailbox and your heart is overwhelmed with then slows down and you thank God for special friends!
Stephanie aka joyuslion sent this to me and my heart is smiling as so am I! Thank you dear friend! You made my day, week, month............ Stepanie is one talented artist and prolific in so many ways!! Stop by her blog are bound to be inpired and leave with a smile! Be sure to check out her gallery!!
Stephanie also has a brand new Etsy shoppe where she has some limited editions of lovely little bits of art HERE !!
Thank you for stopping by!
Many Blessings & Creative Moments,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Deviant Muse-Issue3 Free Download

Hello Everyone!!
I am excited to announce that.....
The newest issue of The Deviant Muse is now available!!
And OMG!! Full of Steampunk...and an interview with our very own deviant designer... Clementine of Clementine Designs!! Excellent interview!!
This months muse is stuffed to the brim with eye candy, inspiration and some free downloads, new challenges to explore!!
It's big!! It's free for the taking!!
Visit our shoppe and check it out!!
You can grab it...

Here !!!

Thank you for stopping by!!!