Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Art Journal Play!! New Pages!!

I found a few days to sit and art journal!! I love them kinda days!! They
are always welcomed with open arms! A time to just be me and create!!!
This first page above is Play Day.
Border Bits from: Anahata, Teesha Moore, some personal stash and a few from one of my Junque 4 Art collage sheets!!
Main Imagery: Face/Body/BlackBrown horns also from my collage sheets & kits. Legs from Rian at riandesigns. Center horn from Teesha Moore.
Green doodles and lettering by me Nancy Baumiller

This second page is titled Paper Scissors.
Borders: My own doodling, Teesha Moore and a bit of personal stash.
Main Imagery: Magazine tid bts and personal stash. Book from Crowabout StudioB-Jack Frosts Steampunk Station and the dog is from Crowabout StudioB-Junkyard Dawgs.
Doodles and Lettering by me Nancy Baumiller

This third page..titled Great Passion.
Borders: Personal Stash, Teesha Moore and some doodling.
Main Imagery: Personal stash, Magazine tid bits, green horns Teesha Moore and doodled in between them with paint pens.
Doodles and Lettering by me Nancy Baumiller
Wish I could delve into more art journaling today, but my fridge and cupboards are hungry for food haha Plus I need to get some other work done today!! So off I go!!
Thank you for stopping by!!


  1. Always enjoy your pages, SO fun : ) Thank you for sharing and inspiring. I'm thinking I should start posting my AJ pages on my blog...

  2. YAY for play days :)
    Stunning pages Nancy - so vibrabt and full of detail (As always)

  3. Whoo-Hoo, Nancy! I adore your journal pages!!! So good to see you back to "cut & paste"!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. Great to see some pages by you Nancy! How awesome, those 'free creating days'! You used the time well!

  5. OMG!!! I LOVE your new look, Nance. Swoon... :-)) and I LOVE that you're doing paper pages again - I wanna play day!!! LoL ;-))

    got to go have a proper look around this beautiful new space...

    love you to bits, so glad to see all the happy gorgeousness xXx huge hugs xXx mwaa!

  6. Oh, Nancy, these pages are fabulous! (as usual!) You have such a distinctive look that is inspired and admired. (: Love the dog/book quote (p.2) Is it yours! May I use it? I am the biggest fan of dogs and books, so I gotta love any quote that includes them both-lol.

  7. Oh girl I love it when you find time to PLAY! I sit and stare and admire every detail of them all! They are fabulous!! x0x