Monday, July 6, 2015


 New pack in shop today!
Ballyhoo - Mail Art
Ballyhoo is carny lingo for excited talk of drawing in a crowd to tell them what fun and amazing things they are about to see. The Barker will give little previews to entice.
**I must add....while uploading the kit...I discovered some images that were missing from the kit, I FOUND THEM! Although you cannot see them in the preview, they are there and there is an addition Printable Collage sheet that is also not shown. So there is actually 9 collage sheets!!
 The Printable preview...that I mentioned above..there are actually 9 sheets total!
Find Ballyhoo HERE
And here is a poster I made with the kit! I am going to print it out and hang in my studio! :)
Come play and enjoy some fun and silliness today!
Till next time!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

What's New at Crowabout StudioB

What's new at Crowabout StudioB?
Two new kits!!
In the above one of my new image packs, Going Postal - Mail Art
Soooooo much fun! The team and I had over 30 layouts and cut n paste pieces! I posted
a few of them in the sample previews!
Check it out here:
Also in shop,

Envelope Templates! Works great with the Going Postal pack!
Find it here!
Come and play!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hello again!
A new kit has arrived in my shoppe!
The Elements
Sirens of The Deep Digital & Printable Kit

The Papers

The Printable Collage Sheets

Bonus Elements
Premade mermaids from me to you!
Be sure to check out Tumble Fish Stuido....she has a coordinating mermaid Sirens of the Deep as well! Link to her kit is in my shoppe listing!! Thanks Marsha for a great time creating mermaids!
My version of Sirens of The Deep can be found HERE!
Hope you find time in your day to come and play!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New kit! Ascension - Digital and Printable

My newest kit is in the shoppe and on sale at 20% off! Click on the link above.
 Had a couple plays with the kit..the first is a cut n paste art journal page.
This one is a digital piece, made with the same kit!
Be sure to stop by the shop and see all the wonderful art created by my Creative Team!
See you there!

Monday, April 20, 2015

It's here! The Star Keeper

 The Star Keeper
Now on sale for a limited time only
This image pack is just so much fun!
Created two pieces so far with it!
and then this one...
You just have to see what my Creative Team created! Oh my gosh!
A fun ad I created for this pack!
Pack includes 87 images, including 3 grungy background papers and 5 printable collage sheets!
Come join in the fun!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

New image pack coming!

Keep your eyes peeled!
New image pack to be released tomorrow evening, April 19th at
Crowabout StudioB @
Be there! :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Decorative Bohemian Bottle Tutorial

What I made over the weekend! Had my camera close by so now I can do a tutorial for you on how it is made! If you make one please drop me a link, so we can all see! 

To start, you will need a fun bottle! This one came with my apartment, someone must of known I would do something with it! Glad it was here! You can probably find one similar at a dollar store or maybe you happen to have a few old interesting adult beverage bottle sitting around somewhere. Possibly Hobby Lobby may have a pretty bottle to use.

Wash and dry your bottle to remove any label or dust. There is a lot of that in my house! Yuck! But guess who hates to dust! Yup me!

Moving on....
I covered my bottle with an old tissue dress pattern using Mod Podge and a glue brush. I covered all but the bottom. I then went into my Photoshop and created these labels using Tumble Fish Studio's LaVieBoheme kit.  
I measured the size of the space on the bottle in which I wanted to put them on and created the labels in that size in Photoshop and printed them out. I cut out some of the white bits with tiny Bumble Bee Scissors. 
Sorry if the tutorial seems a bit backwards....I then painted Gesso over the bottle and let dry. Gesso gives paint something to adhere to. 
 I did not have any white lace trims, so I glued a vintage looking lace trim to top of bottle rim. I just used a little hot glue to set it in place. You can use whatever glue you like, such as E6000 or Tacky Glue. I then painted Gesso over it as well. My original thought was to dye white lace using my turquoise Dylusions spray. But I made do!
I bought the lace trims from Retro Cafe Art Gallery
I then painted my bottle...lace and all a light turquoise using Americana acrylic paint. You can buy this just about anywhere. Painting does not have to be perfect, nor in every nook and cranny! I will show you why in a bit! 
And here is my bottle painted! I then squeezed out a bit of Raw Umber Liquitex acrylic paint in one of my little paint cups...this can be found at any arts and crafts store! Love this stuff! And what you can do with it! You will also need paper towels and a bit of water. Please ignore my well used water jar lol 
With wet paintbrush...not too wet and not too small portions on your bottle. Brush it on and then right away carefully wipe off the raw umber paint. It should leave your bottle looking antiqued.
Like this!
Then you will need (not necessary but fun) Inka Gold and a paper towel or soft cloth. This I bought at Retro Cafe Art Gallery It is very easy to use...just dab it on with a small bit of sponge...I use my fingers...and then polish with the towel! SO fun!! Don't know why I did not have this stuff in my studio before! 
Just pick sections of the bottle you think you would like to see the Inka Gold on! Here I am showing you how I did mine! Love it! 
Next I added the images I put together in photoshop! Trim if necessary! I had too! lol
You can adhere them with Mod Podge or Soft Gel Medium. 
Mmmmm! Time for embellishing! I think I got all the sticker gems and sticker letters at Retro Cafe Art Gallery as well! Kristen has a whole load in selection for you to pick from to suit your style! 
I used some sticker gems to border the photo and used these fun sticker lace bits Here

Glued more vintage-y lace bits! Decorate how ever you wish! 
I thought I would add one of these knobs to the corked top of the bottle! By Tim Holtz can also be found at Retro Cafe Art Gallery!
Also added some of can get them there too! lol
I love it! The little knob looks great! 
You can now see where I added the little flowers! These are some of the things I picked up at JoAnn's store! Ribbons!!!!!!! A key and some Tim Holtz ball chains with clasps. I cut the ball chain to the size I needed and threaded it on to my ribbons, which I had cut to a  yard of each color and a yard of the tiny gold ribbon. Then tied to the top of bottle! 
Pretty! I don't think you can see the pink ribbon, but it is in there! I also added Letter stickers to the bottle to read Boho Life. Refer to the first photo! And there you have it! Oh You might want to do a couple coat of varnish over the bottle before adding ribbons! 
I so need to learn how to write tutorials haha!

Hope you enjoyed!