Friday, October 24, 2014

Glue Book Pages, Mail Art, Putz House and Found Objects

The first two pages of my glue book art journal as seen in the bottom right hand corner of the photo!

I find that the busier I get, the harder it is to find time to art journal and I just won't stand for that! ;) So, I started this glue book! It is simple to do and as I mentioned in an earlier post, that I would do a tutorial soon! It is very well as eliminating that 'blank page' know...the one page that stares at you and you are totally stuck at what to do! Give me a bit of time to get some paper things gathered....which should be easier now that my images are more organized and we will get to that tutorial really soon!

More mail art makings! 
This time I used some wonderful & generous free collage sheets from a very talented friend Shelly Massey at A Wee Bit Warped! Thank you! The sheets are lovely and fun to work with! Don't forget to read up on her terms and conditions. :) Also, be sure to check out the rest of her website! Tons of eye candy! She even has a fun studio tour! 

Just in case you missed my Facebook post on this rather large Putz house....It is now ready for all the glitter and small details! I should have it done by this evening, if all goes well! 

Yesterday, I had a bit of time to spare, so I headed over to the local (new) Goodwill and found these! The manger needs a bit of updating...some new moss is in order! Then these cute little nativity scene figurines will be ready for display in my living room for Christmas! 
Only a couple bucks were spent for these two items!
 Then, I found this doo-hickey...birdcage type thing! Not sure what it is to, but I thought I could create something with it! I already have ideas rolling in my mind! 

Only one more day left to grab this little goodie up on sale in my Crowabout StudioB shoppe now at Mischief Circus dot com!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Image Storage/Drawers & A Winter White House...

Well, here it is, as promised! 

My more organized image storage system! HA! 
It works pretty good!
For now! 
I would like something a little less plastic...something on these lines
Not everything there is storage stuff....I call it my Art Studio Wishes pins on Pinterest. Lots to drool over!

Next, is a little something I am working on....I would love for it to sit on my mantel at Christmas!
It is far ...from done.
Hmm....not enough lighting.....but is is white white! It will have a picket fence. If  you peek over to the left you can see a bit of it! It still needs window frames for the windows you see, they are not actually green, it is iridescent paper and some mock windows for the rest of the house...trims...trees with some decorations (which are ready) and tons of glitter! There will be deer in the front yard and lastly a surprise when it is all finished! I will show you then!

I will work on the house a bit more tomorrow and show my results from that.

Have a great evening!


Monday, October 20, 2014

Collections & Collage


Happy Monday! 

How was your weekend?

Today, I thought I would share something just a little bit different, it's still collage. But in a different form, I will call 'Collections'.

In the above a collage (nothing glued down mind you) of bits of paper that were on my desk yesterday! So, I thought, why not make a collage of it all! It's this artists fault, Martin O'Neill 

As you scroll though his blog, you will find numerous collections of a paper (collector)(artist) addicts *cough* like myself. Which by the way, I organized this weekend. Similar to his many drawers of paper bits, only in my style! It was fun but quite tiresome. It took me all Saturday and part of Sunday to get it all into it's proper new location. (I thought I had lost my mind and thought, what did I get myself into) But now, it is all easier to find and file! I will share a bit of it tomorrow! Now, to find me some cabinets with many drawers and I will be set!

Then I thought, as long as we're making mock collages, why don't we do one with circles, (my favorite shape-surely you all know that by now) and square things in my other collections! Some of which are non-paper. I love the round circus-y puzzle toys, you know, the ones where you swirl it around until you put all the little tiny balls in the holes. Somehow, that just does not sound right. But in this collection are as follows, the puzzle toys, matchbooks, vintage photos, buttons from my dear Grandmothers (bless her soul) that she left me, some button pins, stamps, a tiny little hole punch, game pieces, metal objects, and even washi tape! I even have coins in my collection, nothing old mind you.....every time I find a coin on the floor, I call dibs and place it in a little wooden treasure chest I painted. It's tiny. 

I think it would be fun to do a really large one of these collages and do an eye spy-hidden object type game! hee hee Another favorite pastime of mine!

I would like to also mention, that I have a Pez Dispenser collection, small, nothing really vintage of yet.

And lastly, I have a little linky-poo of a collection board of collections started on Pinterest! I will be adding more too it soon! Here!

Happy Day to you!


Friday, October 17, 2014

More Pages and a Sneak Peek!

 A couple more 2 pages spreads from my Molenskine Art Journal

 And how about this

 A sneaky peek to what's coming into my shop next week!
Keep your peepers peeled!

Have a great Weekend!!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Another Art Journal, Mail Art, More Moleskine pages and a Monster

Hello again!

Here is another art journal I have started, not quite ready to show what is inside, but hoping to share some tuts on it soon! It is a very simple art journal for those on the go or with little time to art journal. So hang tight!

Mail Art Envie

Gone Postal!

I had some time last night before bed to create this mail art envelope! I thought with my busy schedule that a bunch of them made up, would be great in a tight pinch to send goodies to friends! 

More from my mini Moleskine Art Journal
And another 2 page spread as well...
So fun!

And here is my newest sculpture I have been working on of late, it is almost finished and is awaiting it's wheels and a pull-string! This one will be going into the Serendipity Gallery here in St. Louis very very soon! In hopes, that he will find a new loving home!
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cards, An Ornie, A Moleskine and Envies

A lot to share today! 

Last weekm I made a couple of cards I want to turn into either, mini prints or postcards as my Christmas cards this year. As always, a bit snarky! Who am I to resist!?
While I was at it with Christmas cards, I thought, why not make an ornie! One of many to come! I hope! My studio, at the present moment, is full of unfinished projects of all sorts. Some need parts, some I am not sure which way I want to go with them and other smaller misc. 
 Awhile back, about a year now....A super very dear friend of mine blessed me with this mini Moleskine journal. I thought it high time to work in it! First time working in a Moleskine at that. Usually, my art journals are handmade, or I alter some sort of book. So, here are a few pages in this journal....
There are more, but will save those for another post! I did however, start a couple pages last night. I love prepped pages, it just makes it so much easier and quick when I want to journal.
Pages ready for more bits!

And I stayed up a bit later last night, just felt like creating some more stuff!
Envelope Mail Art!!!

I really love how they turned out! Just about everything on them is made from magazine clippings! Even the envelope is made from a couple of magazine pages (that I will  not use for anything else) then glued together. I think next time, I will sew the pages together with some yummy red thread! 

My photos are a bit better these days, I think! What do you think? 
I built me a photobooth
Originally uploaded by Hope I got that right.

Mine is a bit wider and about the same height! I used tracing paper to make the windows, top and sides to help defuse the light. Works pretty good! I think I would like to make one a bit deeper though. It is pretty self-explanitory. All you need is a box, a box knife, tape, poster board (for inside), tracing paper or waxed paper. Pretty simple right?!
Here is a link to another one on

That is all for today! Hope you enjoy the post!


Monday, October 13, 2014

Match Book Art Journal and more

Matchbook Mini Art Journal

After seeing one here! I said, "How fun is that?!", and just happened to have a few matchbooks laying around! So, I made a little cutie for myself! I am in love! hee hee

More views of this..
and the inside!

The fun does not stop there today! See the larger art journal below...not sure if some of you remember me starting a storybook pop-up book back in the winter of 2013. Anywho, I decided it was time to get this book finished before the end of the year. 

Here is the full view of the front cover (back cover will be show when journal is complete)
This is the 2 page spread I worked on today
Almost finished! I think I have 2 more 2 page spreads to do and it will be completed! 

Been a pretty good day! My sweetheart came home with this for me! I squealed! It works so nice! 
Love it and him to bits!

I did a lot of other things today, but I am tired and I will just save it for tomorrow to share with you!

Till tomorrow!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Another Bit of Art


9" x 7" (approximately) 
New art on re-purposed corrugated cardboard substrate.
Today was just not my day for taking photos. I even used a 'photo booth' I created out of worked great on my last post and the blog revamp! I guess you can't win em all! 
Today, I fully intended to work on a sculpture that is already constructed and part way in it's painting stage....but somebody got sucked into Pinterest..sad but true...and just who doesn't love Pinterest?!
So, with limited time, I played, making the piece above. 
Happy Tuesday!