Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Image Storage/Drawers & A Winter White House...

Well, here it is, as promised! 

My more organized image storage system! HA! 
It works pretty good!
For now! 
I would like something a little less plastic...something on these lines
Not everything there is storage stuff....I call it my Art Studio Wishes pins on Pinterest. Lots to drool over!

Next, is a little something I am working on....I would love for it to sit on my mantel at Christmas!
It is far ...from done.
Hmm....not enough lighting.....but is is white white! It will have a picket fence. If  you peek over to the left you can see a bit of it! It still needs window frames for the windows you see, they are not actually green, it is iridescent paper and some mock windows for the rest of the house...trims...trees with some decorations (which are ready) and tons of glitter! There will be deer in the front yard and lastly a surprise when it is all finished! I will show you then!

I will work on the house a bit more tomorrow and show my results from that.

Have a great evening!


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