Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cards, An Ornie, A Moleskine and Envies

A lot to share today! 

Last weekm I made a couple of cards I want to turn into either, mini prints or postcards as my Christmas cards this year. As always, a bit snarky! Who am I to resist!?
While I was at it with Christmas cards, I thought, why not make an ornie! One of many to come! I hope! My studio, at the present moment, is full of unfinished projects of all sorts. Some need parts, some I am not sure which way I want to go with them and other smaller misc. 
 Awhile back, about a year now....A super very dear friend of mine blessed me with this mini Moleskine journal. I thought it high time to work in it! First time working in a Moleskine at that. Usually, my art journals are handmade, or I alter some sort of book. So, here are a few pages in this journal....
There are more, but will save those for another post! I did however, start a couple pages last night. I love prepped pages, it just makes it so much easier and quick when I want to journal.
Pages ready for more bits!

And I stayed up a bit later last night, just felt like creating some more stuff!
Envelope Mail Art!!!

I really love how they turned out! Just about everything on them is made from magazine clippings! Even the envelope is made from a couple of magazine pages (that I will  not use for anything else) then glued together. I think next time, I will sew the pages together with some yummy red thread! 

My photos are a bit better these days, I think! What do you think? 
I built me a photobooth
Originally uploaded by WhoIsLisaSchulle.com Hope I got that right.

Mine is a bit wider and about the same height! I used tracing paper to make the windows, top and sides to help defuse the light. Works pretty good! I think I would like to make one a bit deeper though. It is pretty self-explanitory. All you need is a box, a box knife, tape, poster board (for inside), tracing paper or waxed paper. Pretty simple right?!
Here is a link to another one on Pinterest.com

That is all for today! Hope you enjoy the post!



  1. I love your work, my friend!!! You are so stinkin' talented! And that Photo Booth is fabulous!!! GREAT idea!

  2. cool tip on the box, I am trying this idea!!!
    Of course, Love your projects, fab ornament and dolls!!!!!!!!!

  3. A plethora of Nancy Fancy Pants Brilliance in that Moleskin!!! Great post!!!