Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Stuff-One Long Ass Post!

 Well, Hello Lovelies!

Something new! La Vie Boheme! 
C.Y.O.C. ( A Collect Your Own Collab)
This is a little something DeviantScrap.com Designers have been stewing up for 
quite some time and oh my gosh is it all so yummy!

The above photo is the preview to my part of the collab!
It contains, the elements seen here. plus papers, gypsies and printable collage sheets!

You can find this right..


There's more!
 by: WILLOW2323
Yummy stuff from the Creative Team!

 by: anubis

 by: MelissaKaye

 by: MizJadeAdams

 by: Mumure

 by: Peggyg

 by: Ren

by: WaterRabbit
 by: WILLOW2323

 I played along a bit too with the kit doing some cut n paste!
The above photo is an altered envie!

 This one is an art piece done on old board game.
"Do What You Love; Love What You Do."

 Sorry, I still have poor photo skills! Ha! Another piece on old board game using the La Vie Boheme mini kit in my shoppe! Can you see the glitter! I have a total mess on my desk! 

What else I've been doing!

 Altered Envies for the Triptych Swap that I am Co-Hostessing with 
 I created this large mail art envelope for my dear friend Jil Manning

Glad you could stop by!

See you soon!

Love & Light,


Friday, June 21, 2013

Fun Triptych ATC Swap with....


How about an ATC swap?

I sure am ready!

The lovely and talented Denise Phillips of Birdnuts Mixed Media is 
the lovely hostess for this swap!

Being able to Co-Host this swap is so much fun! We had a blast Co-Hosting swaps in the past! 

It has been a little while...Denise had not been feeling up to par for some time. :( And now, well she sounds
as chipper as ever! So darn happy about that she is doing better and ready to play again!

Here is how the swap goes:
The Theme is....
2 Sets of Triptych ATC playing card
in the way of, the first card will have a persons/animals face, the second the torso and lastly on the third card legs and feet/shoes so that when put together you make a picture! (please follow link to Denise's blog to see photo of the triptych cards she made, she has made a few sets...

Aren't they cool?!
I see that she turned her cards to the side to make it easier to mix and match faces, body's and legs/feet! A shorter distance to go! Pretty clever that girl, that Denise! ha! 
The first set you create goes to Denise and the second gets swap with another participant! 
And if you use Crowabout StudioB graphics in your ATC's for this swap...
you get to double your chances in winning!!!
The winner will receive a $25.00 coupon to scoop up some goodies in my Shoppe!
For the complete set of rules and how it all goes please visit Denise at 

She is much better at explaining things than I! Thank you Denise! ;) Love ya girl!

Now, I better get busy with my own triptych card sets! 
I will post them as I get them done! 
Ooo! I think I will make envelopes too! Woot!
Love and Light,



Saturday, June 15, 2013

Altered Deck of Cards

Cards 1-9 (left to right)

 Howdy doo! 

Cards cards and more cards! 
There is an altered deck of cards that I created just for fun and now I have folks interested in buying! 
A few have already sold! :) Even better! 

Each card has one letter on it, together......

The deck as a whole reads: 

"Art is my life passion. It feeds my soul. It is who I am. I breathe art."

For each individual sale, I create new ones and will update as they come available!
In this blog post you can view them all and see exactly which of them have already been sold.

They are numbered and go from left to right for ease in choosing your favorite!

If you find you would like to purchase any of these cards, just shoot me and email at:


In the Subject line....put Cards

In the body of the letter, let me know which card # ('s) you would like
the email associated with your Paypal! 

Cards are $5.00 each. $2.00S&H (which includes a one of a kind mail art envelope created just for you!

From there I will create an invoice, payable upon receipt.

Hope you enjoy the cards!
Cards 10-15 (left to right)

Cards 16-21 (left to right)
 Cards 22-27 (left to right)

 Cards 28-33 (left to right)
Card #28 was created by my lovely daughter Jessica!

and these two...
 the newest versions of #29 & #37

 Cards 34-39 (left to right)

Cards 40-45 (left to right)

and finally....
 Cards 46-52 (left to right)

Did you get an eyefull?

Love & Light!



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Eye Candy and My Youngest Graduation


**Update below (added in credits...bows head shamefully) ;)

Had more computer issues and the last tech that came to my house found the issue! There were
a few items in my house causing interference with my computer and would cause it to lag and limiting my web activities! 

Always something isn't it?! 

I am back....again! I know I come and go a lot, lately all computer issues! Just to put your mind at ease, there are new kits/packs coming soon! 

For the moment, I am working on a deck of cards ala zetti style! I don't know about you but, when I want to create art for myself in my downtime, I like to use other peoples imagery! Like here, with Teesha Moores wonderful sheets! Never been able to resist her images! Don't get me wrong, I love my own imagery too! ;)

In the above photo, are the first set of cards, 9 in the grouping!

And here are the next 6!
 Many more to go! A whole deck will be created! It's a challenge for me! Especially working this small!

In other news!!

This beautiful darlin, is my youngest!

 She is being promoted from the 8th grade and moving into high school to continue her education!

I am a proud Momma! 

She has worked very hard this year! She had a little set-back but came shining through with better grades then I ever dreamed of having! 

Momma loves you Jess! Yes, Natima, Momma loves you too, ya silly thing! I will post piccys soon of the ceremony that commences on June 6th!

And this place,
 This is where the young lady wants to celebrate with family! Chinese food! Hope it is good! Never been there! Worth a shot though!

And more art to share!
 These three ATC's were created for Marion Bockelmann's annual swap!
This year the theme is "My Home Is My Castle"

And here is the envie (front and back) I created to send them little bits of art to Marion!
Thank you for being a lovely such a lovely hostess Marion!

**Update: Forgive me for not posting image credits! Oy!

In all works, for the most  part was, Teesha Moore A bit of Tim Holtz, a little bit of Tumble Fish Studio and a bit of Crowabout StudioB


It was great having you here to visit!


Love & Light,