Saturday, June 15, 2013

Altered Deck of Cards

Cards 1-9 (left to right)

 Howdy doo! 

Cards cards and more cards! 
There is an altered deck of cards that I created just for fun and now I have folks interested in buying! 
A few have already sold! :) Even better! 

Each card has one letter on it, together......

The deck as a whole reads: 

"Art is my life passion. It feeds my soul. It is who I am. I breathe art."

For each individual sale, I create new ones and will update as they come available!
In this blog post you can view them all and see exactly which of them have already been sold.

They are numbered and go from left to right for ease in choosing your favorite!

If you find you would like to purchase any of these cards, just shoot me and email at:

In the Subject line....put Cards

In the body of the letter, let me know which card # ('s) you would like
the email associated with your Paypal! 

Cards are $5.00 each. $2.00S&H (which includes a one of a kind mail art envelope created just for you!

From there I will create an invoice, payable upon receipt.

Hope you enjoy the cards!
Cards 10-15 (left to right)

Cards 16-21 (left to right)
 Cards 22-27 (left to right)

 Cards 28-33 (left to right)
Card #28 was created by my lovely daughter Jessica!

and these two...
 the newest versions of #29 & #37

 Cards 34-39 (left to right)

Cards 40-45 (left to right)

and finally....
 Cards 46-52 (left to right)

Did you get an eyefull?

Love & Light!




  1. total fun!!
    lets play 52 pick-up...almost!

  2. They are wonderful!!!
    I am doing a class with Mary Jane Altering a deck of cards, they are so much fun.

  3. They are all great and colorful , love them all !!!
    ♥RINI♥ the Netherlands

  4. I like the web sight, nancy did'nt see u that the 30 year class hope u r well. michael

  5. Thank you all!
    Thank you Anonymous Michael! Michael who? would help me know who exactly you are?? haha I live out in St. Louis now! I haven't been home to WA in many many years! Hope to hear back from you!