Friday, June 21, 2013

Fun Triptych ATC Swap with....


How about an ATC swap?

I sure am ready!

The lovely and talented Denise Phillips of Birdnuts Mixed Media is 
the lovely hostess for this swap!

Being able to Co-Host this swap is so much fun! We had a blast Co-Hosting swaps in the past! 

It has been a little while...Denise had not been feeling up to par for some time. :( And now, well she sounds
as chipper as ever! So darn happy about that she is doing better and ready to play again!

Here is how the swap goes:
The Theme is....
2 Sets of Triptych ATC playing card
in the way of, the first card will have a persons/animals face, the second the torso and lastly on the third card legs and feet/shoes so that when put together you make a picture! (please follow link to Denise's blog to see photo of the triptych cards she made, she has made a few sets...

Aren't they cool?!
I see that she turned her cards to the side to make it easier to mix and match faces, body's and legs/feet! A shorter distance to go! Pretty clever that girl, that Denise! ha! 
The first set you create goes to Denise and the second gets swap with another participant! 
And if you use Crowabout StudioB graphics in your ATC's for this swap...
you get to double your chances in winning!!!
The winner will receive a $25.00 coupon to scoop up some goodies in my Shoppe!
For the complete set of rules and how it all goes please visit Denise at 

She is much better at explaining things than I! Thank you Denise! ;) Love ya girl!

Now, I better get busy with my own triptych card sets! 
I will post them as I get them done! 
Ooo! I think I will make envelopes too! Woot!
Love and Light,




  1. I am seriously going to try to get involved in this one!! How very fun : )

  2. Sweet! Oh please do! It's so much fun Carolyn!