Monday, January 31, 2011

2 New Things....

2 New Things to share with you!
Even More Wild Things & Dirty Words kit & an add on ATC version of this kit!!
I am so very tired today...exhausted is more like it haha...So I am just going to post you a linky poo so you can view all the colorful fun previews to this kit! ;o)
And this little sugar...An ATC Add On to the kit above! Everything is in it as the larger version with the exception of that their is no printables in this one. does have 5 Goodie Extras & the Word Art (dirty words-totally inspirational word art) differs also!
You can find this baby here: ATC_Add-On
Now I think what this lady needs is to go back to bed and sleep LOL I think maybe I got less than 6 hours of sleep last night! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Tootles my lovlies!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Like Book-Binding Tuts?

Might you remember this journal I created? ...wayyyyy back
Gosh! Seeing those pages again! YUM!!

Anywho! Annette over at Craftstew has graciously included the tutorial for my cracker box art journal amongst so many many many other peeps book binding tuts and other crafty tuts!


My Cracker Box tutorial is here (psst it's on my old blog) : HERE

You might be there for awhile! Maybe you will find something you'd like to try!
Special thanks to Annette for including me!! :O)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lots of New Things!! Extras and A Freebie!!

**Warning** This is one long post full of eye candy!!! hee hee
Tons of stuff to share with you today!!
First is a new kit Zetti Bird Junction (Collage Sheets included)
These birds are so much fun!! Each one has an attitude of their very own and I must say
some very long zetti legs! :o)
You can see more of this kit:
Next we have...
ATC Add On Zetti Bird Junction
Everything that is in the larger sized kit is in this one with the exception of the collage sheets!
Images are sized for digital ATC's!! PLUS this kit has extra goodies that the original kit does not include!! Extras are a good thing!
You can see this kit...

Another ATC kit ....

ATC Add On To Zetti Flutterby Fairies

Everything sized to create digital ATC's! Extra goodies included!! (sorry no collage sheets..those are available in the larger sized kit) :o)

You can find this one..


And a FREEBIE!!! You can grab this


And now for some colorful eye candy created by my team!!!

Wow!! Talk about an eyefull of YUM!!!
Thank you for stopping in!!
Hope you found your inspiration for the day...heck week even! *wink*
Much love and hugs,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Like Zetti? Like Fairies & Wings? Then come see!!

Are you prepared for one long post full of eye candy! Then you must
be in the right place! hee hee
From my studio to yours we bring you......
Zetti Flutterby Fairies

Fairies and Trees and Papers and Wings! Oh my!!

Ohhhhhhhh! And also, Printable Collage Sheets!!
I can see alot of ATC/ACEO's being created here!! Woot!!

Want more eye candy!?

These colorful lovelies were created by the team!! DROOL!! :O)

As Shirley Temple would say, "OH MY GOODNESS." hee hee
You can find it all right here:

and just a little more sweet bit of eye candy!

So glad you could stop by! It is always wonderful to see you and hear
from you!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sooooooooo Dirty! But Oh so gooooooood!

Betcha thought I was being naughty! haha
Nope!! Just released my newest kit...
Nothing dirty here I promise you! Ok! There is one thing dirty..the appearance of these inspiring words to create with!!!!
Have you found YOUR WORD for 2011 ?? Look no further! I bet there is that perfect word here to get you going for 2011!!
You can find this fun and funky word art Here
These words are in PNG format but soooooooo totally printable for your art journals & collages!! :O)
Happy day to YOU!!
Thank you for stopping by,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Have you gotten your Free copy yet???

The new and fabulous Deviant Scrap News Letter!!!
It totally rocks! Our cover artist is our very own Patty Anne Henderson! Wow! Awesome work girl! You must see the whole newsletter to see what I am talking about!!
Here's what is in it:
Mission Statement
Link up to the Designers
Meet Our Guest ...
ATC Swap theme with FREEBIE
Transformation Cards theme
Deadly Sins Challenge
And more goodies!!
Deviant Scrap Newsletter is FREE for the taking! And totally worth having a look!!
You don't even have to log into the's right here in PDF


So glad you could stop by!



Thursday, January 6, 2011


Would you just look at those cute adorable puppies!
I want one!!! hee hee
This mini kit is small in size, but big on charm!!

Each one of these previews showcase a background paper in the kit!

You could create a stage scene, a single circus act or an underwater themed circus!!

You can find this sweet mini kit here:
Thank you for stopping by! Be seeing you again soon!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New & On Sale- Aquarius & The Octopus' Garden - A Designer Collab w/Christy Skaggs

Time to share some news with all of you!

I got together with CHRISTY_SKAGGS aka scrappintwins and put together a collab kit! My first ever!!!! So exciting! We had so much fun! We had started the idea for this kit way before Christmas 2010. The way it came about is...that we both have the same zodiac...Aquarius!! We then found out just how many of our friends and people we know are the same sign!! How wonderfully cool and strange at the same time! LOL

Finally it is here and stuffed with so many goodies! Of course you don't have to be an Aquarius to enjoy this kit! There is so much of it I cannot show you here! But I will tell you this, there are 5 previews to show you just what is in it! OMG so much fun!

Aquarius & The Octopus' Garden is now available and on sale starting today!!

Here is the linky poo so you can take a peek! SHOPPE

And there is more! You like quotes don't you? I knew it!!!

This little mini word art kit contains a little quote by Herman Melville it reads...

"It is better to fail in originality..than to succeed in imitation."

You can find Quotes To Ponder-Originality HERE

There's more..hee hee

This little mini word art kit contains...

A quote by Jimmy reads...

"It's my story and I'm stickin to it."

This charmer can be found HERE

And that's not all! There are a couple more of these babies in shoppe now! Go check em out!


Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit!

Be seeing you soon! Hopefully with some new art! :O)