Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Goodies & A Freebie!!

I have a fun new kit in the shoppe!!
Alley Cats
Kit has fun junky elements
Graffiti Papers
Printable Collage Sheets!
You can find and see what is in it here:
Oh my gosh! I am freezing today! I have 2 layers of clothes on! LOL It is raining Cats & Dogs here in Tennessee!! And so darn cold!!! Brrrrr! Hope it warms up soon! Tired of being a human popcicle! LOL
Next goodie that is available is ...
Junque 4 Art #2 Collage Sheet
A JPG format Printable for playing in your art journal!!!
This goodie can be found here:

And lastly ...

A Studio Freebie!!

As the silly little quote goes:

"Happier Than A Bird With A French Fry."

Could not resist doing this one! haha

You can grab this freebie here:


I am off to go make a slide show of all the wonderful art my team made with Alley Cats and then I will post to my blog just above this post!!!

Happy Thursday!

Be Creative!!



Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Art Journal Page & A Collage Sheet

Found a little time to start a new art journal!! Yay!! So much fun to just relax, sit and play with paper!!! This is my first enty into the new art journal! Now, would like to work on the front cover and can't wait to see what comes alive!! :O)
Top & Side Borders: hand painted and doodled by me.
Bottom Border: a bit of Marsha @ Tumblefishstudio on Etsy and a bit of Teesha Moore
Bird: Body/Eggs/Nest: Teesha Moore...Bird head erm face...from Marsha @ TumbleFishStudio on Etsy (altered to create a bird like face)
Girl in pink/flowers on head: Magazine tidbit
Word-"Chirp": from Teesha Moore
Bits on inside border: from Teesha Moore
Girls on top/See no evil-Hear no evil-Speak no evil: from Marsha @ TumbleFishStudio on Etsy
Annnnnnnnnd a new collage sheet!
Junque 4 Art
A fun funky zetti like sheet for paper play! You can find it HERE !!
Off to work on a new kit and hopefully find some time in this day to play and create a cover for my art journal!!
Have a wonderful day and hope you find time to just be and play!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

3 New & On Sale kits from Crowabout StudioB

Creatures' Emporium
This kit is in digital png format and papers in jpg format for all your digital play!!!
These kits came about while playing with different elements from various kits that I have and created new creatures from them!! So much fun!!
You can find this kit & more previews here:

Next is a kit that contains printables and even the papers are printable for your Art Journal play!

You can find this kit here:


And there is even an digital ATC Add-On Creatures' Emporium!!


You can find it here:


Thank you for stopping by for a visit!!



Thursday, February 3, 2011

Paper Collage Art & Collage Sheets!!!

Guess who is doing paper art again?! hee hee Oh so much fun!
The first one is..."Heart Wish" and has over 70 different collage bits on this loose paper collage art piece! And it's huge!! It is approx 9 x 12 give or take...psst I didn't measure! I never ...ahh how should I say it....un-freeing! I like to be free when I play with paper collage! Let it flow without any rules!! :O)
Credits to this piece can be seen HERE
This one I did previous to "Heart Wish" This one is just as big as it is and is titled, "Inner Voice".
The background color on both of these pieces ...especially this one is more pink and the first one has more of brown ink shading around the inside border and the color is pretty close to the original. Dang scanners LOL
Credits to this piece can be found

A couple other things to share! Since I have gotten back in to paper collage art and art journaling...I needed proper sized images for printing & and cutting out to use! So I created these 2 new products! The first is...


pfffffft! I can type today! LOL haha

This one is a 2 Collage Sheet Set of Inspirational words!! Again...Perfect for art journals!

These lovelies can be found...


Hope you enjoyed this colorful eyeful posting!!

Thank you for stopping in..



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