Thursday, June 22, 2017

Soul Garden

Hello and Welcome!

A touch cooler today here in St. Louis is a bit overcast and hoping for rain to cool things down a bit more! Summer is not my season for sure! 

But things are kicking up the heat in the Crowabout StudioB shoppe today! 

Not one, but 2 kits! Both kits mix really well together and so much fun! The team and I created a whole lot of samples for you to gander at! Layouts include both digital and good ol' cut n paste works! 

For me....I really have a mess to clean up in my studio, I went with the cut n paste, bits and snippets of paper all over the place! You can always tell when I have had fun, by the amount of paper on the floor! hee hee

Ok, enough jabbering and on with the goodies!

Soul Garden 1 - Digital Scrap Kit - also includes Papers & Printable Collage Sheets

And the Papers & Printables
And here is the linky poo SOUL GARDEN 1


Soul Garden 2 - Digital Scrap Kit - also includes Papers & Printable Collage Sheets

And the Papers & Printables

And the linky poo SOUL GARDEN 2

A few art samples to oogle!
by: Bockel24 

by: Nancy Baumiller

by: gypsyowlartco 

by: mimisgirl

There are tons more to see on the website! Go check it out and get your art on!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


Monday, June 12, 2017

Positive Changes


So glad you could stop by!

The weather here in St. Louis is heating up for the summer! I have the air on and still a bit hot in the house. Could be just be my age showing. *wink*

A little something new in the shoppe....

Positive Changes - Includes Scrap Images, Papers & Printable Collage Sheets

Our Creative Team made some knock-out layouts! See below...
by: Joyuslion 

by: Bockel24

by: Monique

Wow! All so fun and beautiful to look at!

And and art journal page I just finished, from yours truly!

Woke up to this in my mailbox this morning!

I'm in it! One page, but it is a yummy one!
The newest issue of Stampinton - Art Journaling - Magazine!! July/Aug 2017 Volume 9 - Issue 3. Page 89

and a little bit of what else I have been up to....
Drug the sewing machine back out to make these fun bookmarks!

and these too!

Also, a mail-art enevelope!

It is going to a very special friend!

and a photo of some past art-mail envies I have made over the years!

Have a great Monday and a great week! Make some time to stop in and come play at 
Crowabout StudioB sometime soon!

Till we meet again!


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Good Vibes!!!

Hello and Welcome!

There is some very exciting things happening at! 

Our newest Designer Collaboration is in the store now!

Here is my contribution to our new CYOC Collect Your Own Collab

Good Vibes

My kit includes Papers & Printable Collage Sheets

There is an Add-On too! See the ad below on how to get it!
See the store for more designer kits in this category!