Thursday, February 3, 2011

Paper Collage Art & Collage Sheets!!!

Guess who is doing paper art again?! hee hee Oh so much fun!
The first one is..."Heart Wish" and has over 70 different collage bits on this loose paper collage art piece! And it's huge!! It is approx 9 x 12 give or take...psst I didn't measure! I never ...ahh how should I say it....un-freeing! I like to be free when I play with paper collage! Let it flow without any rules!! :O)
Credits to this piece can be seen HERE
This one I did previous to "Heart Wish" This one is just as big as it is and is titled, "Inner Voice".
The background color on both of these pieces ...especially this one is more pink and the first one has more of brown ink shading around the inside border and the color is pretty close to the original. Dang scanners LOL
Credits to this piece can be found

A couple other things to share! Since I have gotten back in to paper collage art and art journaling...I needed proper sized images for printing & and cutting out to use! So I created these 2 new products! The first is...


pfffffft! I can type today! LOL haha

This one is a 2 Collage Sheet Set of Inspirational words!! Again...Perfect for art journals!

These lovelies can be found...


Hope you enjoyed this colorful eyeful posting!!

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  1. AMAZING pieces Nancy - sheesh you must have so much patience!
    I just LOVE the "inner voice" piece.

  2. Heeeey Nancy.
    Thanks for your message xxx
    I ran right overhere to catch up with your latest posts.
    YUMMYYYYYYY ART and sheets !!!