Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Art Journal Page & A Collage Sheet

Found a little time to start a new art journal!! Yay!! So much fun to just relax, sit and play with paper!!! This is my first enty into the new art journal! Now, would like to work on the front cover and can't wait to see what comes alive!! :O)
Top & Side Borders: hand painted and doodled by me.
Bottom Border: a bit of Marsha @ Tumblefishstudio on Etsy and a bit of Teesha Moore
Bird: Body/Eggs/Nest: Teesha Moore...Bird head erm face...from Marsha @ TumbleFishStudio on Etsy (altered to create a bird like face)
Girl in pink/flowers on head: Magazine tidbit
Word-"Chirp": from Teesha Moore
Bits on inside border: from Teesha Moore
Girls on top/See no evil-Hear no evil-Speak no evil: from Marsha @ TumbleFishStudio on Etsy
Annnnnnnnnd a new collage sheet!
Junque 4 Art
A fun funky zetti like sheet for paper play! You can find it HERE !!
Off to work on a new kit and hopefully find some time in this day to play and create a cover for my art journal!!
Have a wonderful day and hope you find time to just be and play!!

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