Monday, October 13, 2014

Match Book Art Journal and more

Matchbook Mini Art Journal

After seeing one here! I said, "How fun is that?!", and just happened to have a few matchbooks laying around! So, I made a little cutie for myself! I am in love! hee hee

More views of this..
and the inside!

The fun does not stop there today! See the larger art journal below...not sure if some of you remember me starting a storybook pop-up book back in the winter of 2013. Anywho, I decided it was time to get this book finished before the end of the year. 

Here is the full view of the front cover (back cover will be show when journal is complete)
This is the 2 page spread I worked on today
Almost finished! I think I have 2 more 2 page spreads to do and it will be completed! 

Been a pretty good day! My sweetheart came home with this for me! I squealed! It works so nice! 
Love it and him to bits!

I did a lot of other things today, but I am tired and I will just save it for tomorrow to share with you!

Till tomorrow!


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