Monday, October 20, 2014

Collections & Collage


Happy Monday! 

How was your weekend?

Today, I thought I would share something just a little bit different, it's still collage. But in a different form, I will call 'Collections'.

In the above a collage (nothing glued down mind you) of bits of paper that were on my desk yesterday! So, I thought, why not make a collage of it all! It's this artists fault, Martin O'Neill 

As you scroll though his blog, you will find numerous collections of a paper (collector)(artist) addicts *cough* like myself. Which by the way, I organized this weekend. Similar to his many drawers of paper bits, only in my style! It was fun but quite tiresome. It took me all Saturday and part of Sunday to get it all into it's proper new location. (I thought I had lost my mind and thought, what did I get myself into) But now, it is all easier to find and file! I will share a bit of it tomorrow! Now, to find me some cabinets with many drawers and I will be set!

Then I thought, as long as we're making mock collages, why don't we do one with circles, (my favorite shape-surely you all know that by now) and square things in my other collections! Some of which are non-paper. I love the round circus-y puzzle toys, you know, the ones where you swirl it around until you put all the little tiny balls in the holes. Somehow, that just does not sound right. But in this collection are as follows, the puzzle toys, matchbooks, vintage photos, buttons from my dear Grandmothers (bless her soul) that she left me, some button pins, stamps, a tiny little hole punch, game pieces, metal objects, and even washi tape! I even have coins in my collection, nothing old mind you.....every time I find a coin on the floor, I call dibs and place it in a little wooden treasure chest I painted. It's tiny. 

I think it would be fun to do a really large one of these collages and do an eye spy-hidden object type game! hee hee Another favorite pastime of mine!

I would like to also mention, that I have a Pez Dispenser collection, small, nothing really vintage of yet.

And lastly, I have a little linky-poo of a collection board of collections started on Pinterest! I will be adding more too it soon! Here!

Happy Day to you!


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