Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sign Up and Pre-Registration NOW AVAILABLE

Howdy doooooo y'all!!! hee hee

Whew!! What a whirlwind I have been in! LOL I am here and Sign Up and Pre-Registration is finally available for my first workshop Collage Dreams on Paper!! Just click the image in the upper right of my sidebar for Info!! YAY!
I am excited!!! Maybe my sign up sheet and etc is what your used to ...but I did the best my little brain would allow! LOL
I am around but just so darn busy and realllllllllly want a vacation...who am I kidding! LOL Lots of stuff going on! Class prep, videos, goodie files!! Oh my!!!
Collage Sheets!!! (who said that??? Ohhh that was me LOL) Check it out!!
And ohhhhhhhhh have I stirred up a whole new pot of digital collage sheets! Just got them up on ETSY today!!! I would have never probably tried doing collage sheets again...but my good friend Marsha has been giving me little nudges to get off my duff and git r' dun! LOL She has been so helpful! Might I say she is a delight to talk with on the phone and y'all know how I hate phones! LOL It was great fun! Even her hubby was tinkering on his computer to help us along...So sweet! Thanks guys!!! Much love and hugs!!!
Off to bed I go!!! Got to get up early and send my little gals off to school!!!
NancyB aka Crowabout


  1. Well, I have to say I'm very excited Nancy....can't wait!

  2. Those collage sheet are very cool!