Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Class journaling

And here it is!! The beginning! This is my front page advertisement for my
"COLLAGE DREAMS ON PAPER" class...Coming this FALL!!
In this class we will learn...hmm how can I say...The Crowabout Way...on how I create collages, with VIDEOS and PDF downloadable tutorials and COLLAGE SHEETS that are not even available yet! We will learn some BACKGROUNDS, creating BORDERS and how to create your own FUNKY PEOPLE/MAIN IMAGERY....DETAILS....LETTERING! I am going to show all! You are going to see it all first hand...from START to FINISH!!!
I have been working feverishly all day on all the PDF (files) with extra background tutorials and MORE EXTRAS!!! Whew! I am beat! But I am very pleased with how things are coming together! Who knew there was so much work involoved....I mean, I knew, but Wowwie!!! Not complaining here though! Ya it is alot of work but sooooooooo fun!!!!
About the PDF stuffs...I know there are some individuals who prefer JPEG's I can do that too! As soon as the sign up sheet is available, those who prefer either the PDF or JPEG can state so at that time!
As far as the date for the class I am going to shoot for October...about the middle somewhere...that way we will be getting all this done before the holidays (omitting Halloween) and plus all things will be calmed down a bit here on the homefront after my second Grandchild Amira is born!
I would like to try for a 5 week class...with lots of video time and interacting with everyone with a question and answer type thing and a place just to chat, let loose and have an all around good time! Thinking really hard about using for the whole shabang!! It's private, has a chat room and all that good stuff!
I know that my advertisement is kinda on the cheesy side...**giggle** **snort** But you know what? I still haven't got the whole Photoshop thing figured out just yet! Later days on that note! For now I am designing in Microsoft Paint...yes you heard me right! LOL Hey! It works! At least for me! Been working with that program for some time now...and I have seen some art work on YouTube using the Paint program that would blow you away! Really! Heck I am still trying to get the whole coordination thing going on with my Wacom tablet and pen! **crossing eyes** LOL And you thought the mouse was difficult enough to manipulate in the Paint program! HA! Goodness me! I am 44 years young and still learning and not about to give up! :OP
Ok with that said....let me get the whole sign up sheet thing figured out and a set date and we will be good to go!!!!
Now some art journaling.....
Copyright 2009 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved (do not copy or download with out permission from the artist)
Pssst! Hint!!! We will be learning this background in some of the tutorials from the class! hee hee How's that for a tease?!
Oh isn't the image just dreamy!? All hand-trimmed and hand colored with Prismacolor pencils with the exception of the lips...the image was already semi-colored (the brown part of her sweater and lips)
I will be back with more details and hopefully a date and times etc!
Time for this old crow to have a cuppa something strong and at the same time relaxing! Hmmm wonder what that could be?! tee hee hee
Much Love and Hugs!


  1. I looooove this Nancy...WOW, the background is incredible, not to mention the lady...

    Really excited about your class....can't wait for more info!!

  2. Oh boy! That is the best thing ever! I would love to take your class, and learn how you make all those cool journal pages. Where do I sign up? Oh, Okay I'll wait til you actually post it. :)

    P.S. I'm so excited about the class, that I forgot to comment on how awesome your journal pages were! Oops. Fantastic as usual!

  3. If I am not in Missouri with my dad, I will be in your class! I've been begging you to teach me and here's my chance to be taught! I cannot wait and am not only excited for you and your endeavor but for me too! Yay, Yay, Yay!

    Another beautiful journal page too!

  4. Oh how exciting!!! I have enjoyed your pages and blog a while now! Your pages are beautiful and I love your funky vintage figures. I certainly hope you cover your sources/methods!

    Consider me pre-pre-registered! Tee hee

  5. Love your advertisement Nancy! I can imagine you're so exited! Don't work too hard, you will be needing energy when class actually starts!!! You will be needing more of those relaxing energy drinks I think....

  6. Beautiful stunning images Nancy..thanks for visiting me and leaving me such enthousiastic words.

  7. Your on line workshop sounds very interesting, I will keep looking out for more info.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog today & I'm so glad you did, it gave me a chance to find your blog which I so enjoyed! I LOVE your's bold & fun & your quotes are great!! I'll be back!!!

  9. I'm really REALLY hope that my internet connection ("Broadband" in Australia is NOT fast!) and wallet will be up to taking your class - I love your stuff!!

  10. Can't wait to hear more about this! What a lovely blog you have!