Monday, August 17, 2009

More Class News and Art journal cover....

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Ok! I am sitting here trying to decide whether or not to go back to bed...heeee....I did get alot done yesterday as far as the class and my New collage sheets on Etsy. I am also, in the process of deciding on which art pieces to offer as prints!! Thought I would never say that! But it's true...a million things going on at once...I am getting them done though but I think if I add one more thing to my to do list I think I will spontaneously combust! LMAO Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying myself immensely!!!!
COLLAGE DREAMS ON PAPER---CLASS INFO: For those who would like to purchase the class early ...There is now a Paypal button set up Here ! That will complete your Registration for now. You will be sent the invite and password to the class as it draws closer!
Let's see...what else is there to tell ya....Oh ya!!! My art journal above ***slaps forehead with open hand*** deeerrr Ralph! hee hee Not sure if you remember my "Second Childhood" art journal??? Wellllll....I changed it just a tad....hee hee.....ok alot! lol I still have work to do on it but good enough for the moment and will finish it when I get time......Hmmmmmm I may do that in the class! LOL When I go through Lettering!! Yes! That's what I will do...And if I muck it up on will be the first witnesses!!! LMAO
Now I know there is something else I wanted to tell you....***leans elbow desk and taps forehead with index finger...repeating THINK THINK THINK ..much like Winnie The Pooh.***Uhhhh ya...Alrighty then...drawing a blank! lol I will come back later if I think of whatever it might be and post an Update to this blog entry if need be! LOL
Off I go for now..I have an art piece I have to package up and search the house for an operating system and pass key for my hubby who was asked by a co-worker who is a tech and needs his computer redone! **scratches head** Don't ask I don't know either! LOL
Oh yes! Now I remember what it was I wanted to tell you!! Keep your eyes peeled...I will be having a giveaway here soon!!! :O)
Now I am going...LOL
Have a wonderful and creative day!


  1. So very glad to read about the prints!

    You do have a lot goin' on! Don't forget to breathe and sleep and eat, though!

  2. What a fabulous blog...I'm new to you but loving it! Will be back and hopefully do your class when it starts. Amazing stuff!

    Is there a class supply list anywhere?