Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Stuffs and News!!

Funky Dolls
This is one fun kit! Funky Dolls can be mixed n' matched to create different dolls!
This kit contains:
5-Funky Faces
5 - Funky Outfits
5 - Funky Hats
5 - Legs w/ Shoes
This kit is a great addition to Funky People Parts kit!!!!
Both can be found:

This next new funky kit is just like Vintage Bits & Borders...but with a twist
Vintage Gone Groovy so bright, colorful and just so darn yummy!!!
Vintage Gone Groovy can be found:
and here is some wonderful art created with these kits by my lovely and talented CT!!
Terri D.


Terri D.
In other news...our almost 23 year old daughter and her two wee little ones have finally flown from the nest..We will miss them so much! I miss my grandbabies so much! The house is so quiet and might I say clean that I don't know what to do with myself! LOL
On a lighter note on that subject....I get my studio back! LOL Sorry dear daughter! **grin** I will be out tomorrow to get me a desk or large table and start jazzing up the extra room! Hoping we can find a long enough cord to go from our modem to the studio! haha It's our only option for me to have my computer in there so....When I have my studio put together I will be sure to take some pictures!!!!
Thanks for stopping by and visiting me!
Many hugs and much love,


  1. Enjoy your space and your "new" studio, Nancy!!! Yayyy! Let freedom ring!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. I am so loving the new kits nancy! And so happy to hear you get a space dedicated to your art. Just think of all the great new images you can create in there!

  3. what do they say? when a door closes a window opens? enjoy your new studio... jealous of coarse.

  4. Interesting blog I must come back more often!