Thursday, April 15, 2010

NEW CLASS...Pre-registration and Sign Up!! Available Now!

A New Class!!! Can you believe it?! Heck! I can't believe I did it~!! LOL
I was thinking for a long while about this class and also thinking that it wasn't going to happen!
But, alas!! It's here and it's ready!
Well, at least Sign-up and Pre-Registration is ready for you now Today April 15th 2010!!!
Class starts June 14th 2010!!!
To read about it go HERE !!!
Click my jazzy new button (upper-right corner)!!!
Can you tell I am excited!? LOL

Hope to see you there!!!!
Many Blessings,
Nancy Baumiller

1 comment:

  1. Your button for the new class looks so funky... love it! Wish you all the best with this new workshop, I'm sure your students LOVE it!