Sunday, May 23, 2010

Come and join in the fun! It's a CELEBRATION!!!

Today is the day! I am letting the cat out of the bag, coming out of the closet....all the secretiveness...all the quietness and hush hush stuff will end right now!!

Today is my debut as the newest designer Crowabout StudioB at !!! Yup!! Lil ol me!! A designer of all things! Are you shocked?! I know I am! lol When they got ahold of me and asked me, right of the bat I said, "Heck YA"! Wow! Then came the whole learning process of Photoshop! OMG! It was crazy and tedious at first...and quite nerve racking! But I pulled it off! I have 7 New kits in the shoppe ! And of course there are some FREEBIES involved! There is tons of inspiration to be had! There are some really talented and lovely designers to also check out!
Our first guest designer is Tangie-Baxter !!!

Here is my very first kit "Borders & Bits" All my kits are bright and colorful and so full of yummy goodness! You can find this kit and more in the shoppe !!

And all these lovely pieces were created by my wonderful Creative Team! Thank you girls!

HOLY COW! They rock!!

Grab your favorite beverage and come take a look around!
You won't be sorry! It is a friendly place with familiar faces and always have a kind word!

Hope to see you there!
Much love and hugs,



  1. Well congratulations Nancy and I saw earlier today that you had posted layouts in the gallery at DS then saw the DS newsletter announcing your shop! I just adore what Hollie has done with DS and am so glad you took up her offer! And I can't wait to get started with your Journal Junkin' class too :)

  2. Congratulations Nancy, have just ordered your kits and freebie from DeviantScrap, they are fantastic, can't wait to start work with them !!!

  3. What exciting news. Congratulations!

  4. I just saw the news. Congrats, Nancy! I guess I missed the party, but I am so glad I have a computer again. So now I am off to explore your new shop! You go girl!!!!

  5. You art is FABULOUS! Both here and at Deviant Scrap...can't wait to go shopping!

  6. How exciting!!!! I can't wait to play!!!