Friday, December 2, 2011

The DS Muse & 2 New kits!

The newest edition of the Deviant Muse is now in shoppe!
It's free! Grab one for yourself! You will be happy you did!

Hi there!
So good to see you again!
There are a couple new lovlies in my shoppe today at Crowabout StudioB at
The first...
Bits Borders & Parts (above image preview)
If you love will want to take a closer peek, because color just exploded all over this kit! :O) Love that!
If you enjoyed Funky People Parts and Borders & Bits kits, you will enjoy this one!
It has a combination of both!
Be sure to check out the slideshow above this post to see all the lovely art created by the team!
Such talent!
You can grab this beauty up right here:
There's more!
I have had a box full of vintage comic books for some time now just waiting for me to do
something with them! Soooooo.... I created a super cool alphabet using a comic book page!

Comic Book Alpha! YUM!

You can find it here:

So glad you could stop by!

I will be back very soon with more YUM!

Hugs & Kisseroonies!

Many Blessings



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