Monday, February 13, 2012

Recovery! A Free Workshop! Session #1 It is Simple

Created by and originally uploaded by: Stephanie Voss aka Joyuslion
A lovely dear friend and life coach, Stephanie Voss has created a
Free online workshop:Recovery! A Free Workshop! Session #1 It is Simple
Something we all need and there comes a time we should honor ourselves by recovering from some of lifes bumps that make their way onto our life path.
You so deserve this!
And as Stephanie says, "It is simple."
It is!
It is just waiting for you to embrace it and start back on your path to healing.
Stephanie and I connected well over a year and a half ago and became very good friends! She is not only my BFF but she is my life coach! She has turned my life around and has brought so much joy back into my life! She has taught me so many, many new things. Things I wouldn't have even fathomed or thought possible before we met! Thank you Stephanie for coming into my life and bringing light back into my world!
To all of you who may be struggling with some life bump of your own, yourself a favor and join in on this free workshop!
It's easy!
It's free!
It's simple!
You need this!
Now, go here and begin the healing process!
Subscribe to Stephanies page just above where you see this on the right sidebar
Your heart, soul and mind will thank you for it!
Many Blessings, love and hugs!

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  1. awwweeee what a wonderful post.... if I do say so myself... and I do! LOL! I am recovering right along with the workshop! It is awesome and so are you Nance! xoxoxoxoxo