Monday, May 14, 2012

Bloom where you are planted!

 So many times we try to grow in soil that just isn't set out or right for us. Then we need to think
about re-planting or re-potting ourselves, so that we may grow in the right direction or place!

Add some fertilizer, that being surrounding ourselves with people and things we love, that nuture our souls to help us grow and to help us continue growing!

With that said,

Crowabout StudioB @ brings to you...


This mini element pack contains 33 digital png elements and collage sheets!

This pack does not contain papers, but go well with so many of kits of mine you may have and/or any Crowabout StudioB kits in shoppe now.

Go check out Bloom in the shoppe HERE and see all the eye candy the Creative Team created!
I am extremely pleased with what they did with this pack! :)

I've also changed up the digital packaging of my kit/pack preview! Whatcha think?

Wishing you a Happy Week!



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