Friday, April 19, 2013

Where have I been?! And a Freebie for you!

Hello Everyone!
There is really no excuse for me being away from my blog and all of you all this time! I am sorry!
It has been way too long! Almost a year?! Gahhh!
So, I thought I would come in and update my blog and visit you all here and give you a little treat!
To download this Art Journal Page (see below image for instructions) For you to use digitally or print it out in any size you like and do a collage on top of it!
Sorry about the download issue....please left click on the image and then right click and save!
Please credit the source as Nancy Baumiller-Crowabout
You may use this image however you like, except to redistribute for sale. However you may share this image with friends or family. :)
Hope you enjoy it and so nice to see you all again!
Be back soon!
Love & Light


  1. Sweetie, "Not Found Error 404"

    So glad you're back. Any chance of reactivating the flickr group?

  2. Ok sorry about that...try left clicking on the image then right click and save as. xoxo

  3. The group...I don't know at this time love...I will do my best to try! xoxo

  4. Great to see you back to blogging! I can relate. After years of blogging almost daily, I took about seven months off last year. Just like that. No reason other than I felt uninspired to upload and more inspired to work with paper, paint, glue and ink. In retrospect, I think it was really good for me, and now I'm blogging at least once a week, usually more.

    Thanks for the download! I too would love to see a resurrection of the Flickr group, but no pressure! I'm just happy to see you back here again!

  5. Thank you for the free image. It will be fun to play with.