Friday, June 19, 2009

More New Art and A Blog Award!!

One Lovely Blog Award!! I received this award from Marit ! I woke up this morning to find in my email, this award...that she so lovingly gave me! Thank you dear Marit! So now, I want to pass this on to other lovely indivduals, be sure to visit them!!!

Marsha for always being an inspiration to me and a dear friend! Thank you!

Shelly A sweet endearing soul and friend who creates some fantastic art! Thanks for always making me giggle!

Alberta Not only does she create some wonderful art, she also has some really really great music on her blog and I often shoot over to her blog to listen and see what shes created to get my Muse to wake up! Thank you dear!

EB There are not enough words to describe what a beautiful soul she has and it is always a delight to visit her blog! Thank you EB for your never ending inspiration!

Melissa This is one creative gal here! She never fails to amaze me with her talents! Thank you for that!

Now, onto some more new art!!!

Copyright 2009 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved "Dream Everything"

8.5" x 11" on cardstock
I think I will be doing alot of these....different of course ;o) I have an idea rolling around as to what to do with them when I am done! Wonder wonder wonder....The wonder never ceases! I like that!
I am so excited today! My hubby will be coming home a week from today(Friday)!!!!! On that day it will be 2 long...very long months apart! The longest we have been apart! I can't wait! Our girls are missing him so very much and when he gets home he will be able to see our Grandson walk! Yup! Gabe is walking!!!! And getting into more and more things! LOL He needs an octopus to babysit him or entertain him! LOL Just like his Grandpa! Oops! You didn't hear that from me! ;O) **wink**
Much love and hugs!
Have a super weekend!


  1. thank you so much Nancy - so much inspiration over here as well...

    xox - eb.

  2. Blog award... you're very welcome,dear!!! You passed on to other yummie blogs... Ooooh - more inspirations flowing! Your latest art is beautiful - I see some stamping coming, like that!! Have a good weekend!

  3. Awww thanks so much sweet Nancy!! Your award meant so much to me just like you! I wanted to tell you how much I am loving all your new art and your new blog!! Wayyy cool!!! So glad that your hub will be home soon and yall will get to spend time with him! Have a great weekend!! Hugs!!!!

  4. Nancy, You old sweetie. Thank you so much; you've been such a constant inspiration to me and so much fun! Love your new art and blog, and I'm so excited for you that your husband will be home soon. I hope he knows how lucky he is to have such a beautiful soul mate. Tell him I said so!


  5. Cograts with your new Nlog, his award and your grand daughter so much to be thankful for. Ansd I am thankful for your sharing, your beautiful inspiring Art and collage sheets so genoures! xoxo

  6. Hi Nancy, I love to join your collage Play with Crowabout group! Can you help me??
    Hugs, Anne