Thursday, June 11, 2009

My new blog home!!

I have decided to create a new blog, so this will be my new blog home!

Some of my newest art pages!

Copyright 2009 Nancy Baumiller "Winds of Change"

I really love how this one turned out! I started with an 8.5" x 11" piece of cardstock and then randomly placed colors using Neo II's watersoluable crayons, then using a baby wipe to blend and cover the page. I then used my Prismacolor pencils to add more color, depth and details. Then comes the border using some vintage comic book strips, cut to fit the page and then glued. I added other ephemera that I have in my handy dandy goodie drawer! Next came the central images...the elephants and girl came from magazines. I added some randsom lettering from cutting out text from various magazines. I also used some images I got from Then doodling with paint markers adding more detail and finally some journaling.

Copyright 2009 Nancy Baumiller "Play"

Another piece created on 8.5" x 11" cardstock in basically the same fashion as previously. Vintage comic book strips for the border, magazine images (both vintage and newer), more images from and wings from ImageVillage on Etsy.

I will be working on some new pages here soon. The inspiration is there but daily life is keeping me busy with cleaning and you guessed it...mowing the lawn! Honestly I think I am starting to get used to the riding lawn mower...there are a few spots on the property that I refuse to ride it LOL Lots of hills! Talk about scarrrrrrrrrrry! But for the most part I've got the hang of it. I can't say I really enjoy it but to avoid the property from looking like it was abandoned years ago, I must! lol

Much love and hugs!


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  1. I love the colors & images you've used in these. :)