Monday, November 9, 2009

Hello Everyone!!!!

Hi!!! My class Collage Dreams on Paper is getting close to the end...I have the most wonderful students/artists in this class!! I never thought teaching would be so much fun! Everyone's art is so amazing! They catch on very quickly! hee hee I am actually going to hate when it is over. I have enjoyed myself immensly and I am glad that they all got to share this journey with me!!
I thought I would stop in and show you my newest journal I created!! I still have other journals that need to be worked but right now I am loving this one!

Copyright 2009 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved ..Do NOT copy, download or print for any reason without permission!!
This is my first page in my new journal!! A page I have created for my class!!! And they DO ROCK!!!
I am in the process of designing new collage sheets for my etsy shop !!! I really think your going to like them!!! At least I hope so! hee hee
Big HUGS and lots of LOVE!!!


  1. Just love it. Bagsy I,m on the list for next time please...

  2. Love this page!! So very, very cool. You make me want to start an art journal but I know me. I'd end up feeling guilty because I didn't post 'enough'. So I'm gonna wait a bit. I'm having enough trouble finding time to do a weekly project for Crowabout group. It's so much fun though I know it won't be too long before I'll be adding to my 'to-do list'. :-)

    I bet you are a fantastic teacher; one day I hope to end up in one of your classes as well.

    Theresa in MS

  3. Nancy, this is incredible!! maybe you can tell us how you made it...hint hint
    i love the beautiful red color of the outside. what kind of paper did you use on the inside?

  4. This is freakin' fantastic Nancy! So glad you liked teaching, it sounds like an amazingly enjoyable journey you take!!!

  5. It's a really great page! Love the colours. Count me in for the next class;o)

  6. This is just wonderful! I do hope you are going to do another class after the holidays. I sooo want to take one.


  7. I soooooo love this page it is so amazing..I want it!!! lol...hugs!