Monday, January 11, 2010

When Crap Hits The Fan..........

Hello Everyone...

Just to let you know I am back computer was acting stupid...and when Hubby got home he was to wipe it out and reload my little thing....the man forgot to save my files...2 years worth! I didn't kill him ...thought ya might want to know that! LOL I am to start fresh! Luckily I was able to salvage my Etsy collage sheets...Thank goodness for customers....I was able to retrieve them from Sent emails....YAY!! A big THANK YOU to all my customers...if it were not for you all would be lost! The biggest hugs to you all!

Was working on a new sheet for my shop....and it, if I might add was pretty damn awesome! It's gone! So I have to create a new one! Ahhhhhhh pisseroonies!!!!! LOL

I also lost my list of favorites! Thank God for Blogs and that I already have them here! But I believe one of my favorites was not on my blog...yet....I wanted to add it but sadly I can't find it...and due to lack of my head that is....I cannot remember their name or their blog name.....I had just started visiting them too! I know it is one of you and remember that your taking MaryAnn Moss's class....and you had a blog entry showing your tons of colorful pages with all the red colored threads from sewing them.........but which one of you is it!!!!!???? Please help me! I would love to come back and visit you!

Lastly.....I lost everything from the class Collage Dreams on Paper I taught last Fall 2009!! I thought I was being a miss smarty pants and saved everything to a file...including everything I wrote for the class...all the pictures ....all the videos and goodies that went along with the class! GONE!!! Can I please have permission to commence schmucking my husband upside his head???!!! LOL Just kidding.

So with that said....I am working diligently on a BRAND NEW CLASS....hopefully I can put it all together and offer it to you this spring of 2010!!! I won't say no more about it at this time...cuz I kinda want to keep it hush hush till I have everything in order and saved on my EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE!!! Not taking any chances of losing stuff again! LOL

Sad to say that I won't be able to offer Collage Dreams on Paper again! I had a few inquiries but I really hate to disappoint those individuals. So maybe I can make it up to you with a NEW it won't be like the last one...but I will say there will be art journaling involved and lots of playing and making a REALLY BIG MESS!! Lots of fun!!

I am off to create a NEW collage sheet for my group on Flickr ...Collage Play with Crowabout...yup this weeks sheet was lost too!

Anywho! Stuffs to do! Missing you all bunches!

Love and Hugs!



  1. Oh dear, sounds terrible! Thank goodness you were able to find some of the lost things elsewhere! Best of luck with getting everything sorted out, will look forward to hearing about your new class :)

  2. WheW! What a DisAsTEr!!! I'm sooo happy to hear that your Etsy is back in business. Am sending a nice, big hug! Terri xoxo

  3. Oh my word. I have a feeling my pc is going to die mega soon and have been backing up slowly. Stories like this make me get my bum in gear.

    Hope you find all your favourites soon.

  4. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help....

  5. Your worst nightmare! Hang in there x

  6. sad that you lost all your files! I had a computer crash a few years back and it taught me a painful lesson -- now every month I write all of my graphic and word files onto CDs --- getting quite a little library -- and avoiding future heartbreak!!

  7. Ooooooh dear, that's v bad news. Your husband is doing well to still be alive (ha ha! Only kidding! - Just!) Sorry you lost your files tho, in all seriousness that's devastasting. Get thee to a PC shop for an external hard-drive! Kate x

  8. Oh wow, I would have committed murder, good job he's your hubby! Just kidding.

    I have a hard drive and then I still back up to DVDs at least every six months. Paranoia I know.

    I disconnect and HIDE that hard drive when I go away on holiday!!!!

  9. Aaah, my heart bleeds for you! Having survived several trojan viruses and a new hard drive I have experienced only too well the loss of all the files. I now am paranoid and back up onto disc and external hard drive, having found said (very expensive) hard drive won't back up hidden files - even when set not to be hidden! So I lost a lot of class notes with pix that way...

    Can I suggest you:

    a) Download Yahoo toolbar - instant Atni-spy checker, but also EXTERNAL bookmarking, so if your computer crashes you won't lose all your bookmarks again. Also, it now has NOTEPAD so you can save your computer coding, anything like that (I save my blog backgrounds and buttons etc).

    b) Look at external filing like 4Shared and MediaFire (both free) where you can store your important stuff for download. I use it for my bookbinding pdf tutorials that I list on Etsy,and I know quite a few scrapbooking sites that use these for storing collage sheets and large scrapbooking packages for download.

    c) Have a notebook and write down all your passwords physically - because there's no way to remember all of them. And if you lost everything again, the first thing you'd need is passwords (and a list of all the Must Have programmes you want to reload). As you can imagine, mine is on permanent standby now...

    Hope this helps, and I really do empathise. Husbands - mine got onto my computer, got online, panicked - and just pulled the plug out the wall. After that, I used a password. This is a new computer: he thinks it's still password-locked (heh heh).

  10. Arggghh. How frustrating. Hang in there.

  11. OH MY!!!! I am so sorry - the grief you must feel. You seem to be taking it with a much more positive attitude and a lot less cussing than I would.


  12. OH MAN... that's awful when such things happen! I do hope you can get some things back... I would cry and most likely kill someone (hubs? mwaaahhh, maybe not...) if this happened to me!

  13. I don't know enough about files and such for this to mean anything-but it must be awful. Thanks for the nice comment on my post. I love your work and collage sheets. I just need to get a good printer so I can download some and have them turn out nice.

  14. Nancy.... I would love to join your Yahoo Group... Collage Play with Crowabout. I did try to email you but it must not be getting through. Thanks, Mary
    My email addy....