Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year....A New Journey and a New Entry in my art journal...

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First off! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I know I am a little late but better late then never! *wink*
This art journal page is the beginning of a new journey!
For Christmas my wonderful hubby bought me this
Art Journal Caravan with Tangie Baxter and Amanda Sexton
I am ready to take this new and exciting journey!!! It looks like tons of fun!!! It starts today 1/1/2010!! Wish I could of told you about it sooner but just discovered it right before Christmas!
I (as you know) am no digital artist and not a scrapbooker....but this seemed to be calling my name loud and clear. I am definately not new to art journaling....but not above learning new things!!! So that is where I am at right now!
Image Credits (for art journal page):
Background: Rubyblossom (Flickr)
Border Elements: Top Border: Tangie Baxter...Side Border: By me Nancy Baumiller and a couple small bits from Jackandcatcurio (Flickr) and Tangie Baxter....Bottom Border:
Main Image: Hat/Face: Magazine bit...Legs: leftover scraps from book.
Other Imagery: #3 Magazine tid bit....Large Eye: Magazine tid bit...."passport to dream" by: Tangie Baxter (I used a clear tape transfer for this)....Wing: by"25 cents" cut from an image by: Wackystuff (Flickr)
Railroad photo: by I honesty can't remember...and can't find it...I know I found it on Flickr Collage Images....I had it wrote down but somebody cleaned my desk and can't find the paper either. See what happens...I can find anything when the desk is a mess but clean?? Not so much!
Anywho! The lettering is done with a variety of pens...My evil evil ball point pen and Sharpie poster paint pens.
Crowabout group news on Flickr!! We are starting up again tomorrow 1/2/2010!! After a nice and lovely break...cept for the part where I was sickish and hugging the toliet with the flu LOL
But yes! We are at it again this year!! New collage sheet will be posted to the Crowabout group tomorrow morning for all to spend their weekend playing with paper or digital art!!!
If you haven't joined and would like to or for those who haven't received their invite(that sometimes happens in email hell) Please feel free to email me and I will send your invite to come play!!!!!!!
Thank you for stopping by, I enjoy your visits!
Much love and hugs and many blessings for you!


  1. Happy New Year to YOU, sweet Nancy! I'm thrilled you're doing the Art Journal caravan too - it's gonna be a blast! (and I'm eagerly awaiting the first Collage Play sheet for the new year, yay!) Sorry to hear you've been a bit butchers*.

    (*butcher's hook = crook= unwell. It's an Aussie thing...)

  2. Thanks Caity! Good to hear your in AJC too! Fun! Thank you for stopping by! xoxo

  3. This is a most beautiful journal page- so full of enchantment and wonder.Your flow of images and words is quite dreamlike.
    Have a creative and wonderful New Year!

  4. Have a great 2010! Great page!

  5. Hi Nancy, I saw Terri's artwork from your Crowabout Challenge, and I loved it. Would I be able to join this group? Thanks so much!

  6. Like Diane, I found you from Terri's terrific (and colorful) art on her blog. I would love to be a part of the Crowabout Challenge. It definitely looks like my kind of challenge.

    If you allow me to join, you can find me at hfsolutions at Thanks to both you and Terri.

  7. Me too!!! Got to Terri's cos she'd won some blog candy on a friend's blog and now here I am with you!! LOVE your journal page, and would love to be a part of the Crowabout Challenge too, it looks fab! My email addy is on my blog :)

  8. Eeeekkkk, Nancy! That's quite a present you got there!!! I'm dreaming of joining all kind of things, but I'm setting up my own community and workshop "as we speak" so not much playing time for me right now... (although preparing workshops is playing too!!! You must know!) Anyway, I hope to get a peek into your flickr group later this year... untill then, have fun with all the exciting new journeys!

  9. Hi Nancy!
    Is it still possible to join this crowabout challenge?
    Thanks, nikki

  10. Your blog banner is awesome, Nancy!