Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New page in my art journal...Fun stuffs...Freebies and Merry Christmas Wishes!!

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New page in my art journal!
Image credits:
Border: Angellea from Flickr Collage Images a personal image of my own.
Main Image: Ball on hat from one of my new sheets at cut from a piece of of Angellea's collage sheet...Face: Angellea....Hand/word"fly" from ...Legs: Angellea.
Smaller person image: Hat: cut from
Word: "TIME" from
Other lettering: "Let it Snow" hand drawn with paint pen and my evil ball point pen. Other words from my own stash and collage sheet at!
And this is what else I've been up to! Filling a plastic bead organizer with cut out letters!!! I love this little box...ok not so little box...but it sure has some eye candy going on!!!

Now for some freebies!!

This is a vintage Worthmore Candies w/ Toys Santa label found in an old scrapbook at a Antique shop. But I think if you go by the price of 39 cents should give you pretty good idea of it's age. Cuz I really don't know! LOL But it is yours to use in your art and personal art. This may NOT be used in a collection to sell on a CD or as a collage sheet. Just click on the image to enlarge it and then right click to save and then print it out!!

This second freebie is Erie Railroad Company Freight Waybill from May 23rd 1956 and I am guessing it was shipped from J.C. Penney Co. Inc.
Free to use in your art you intend to sell or personal art. You may NOT use for any collections to sell on CD's or collage sheets. Click on the image to enlarge and then right click and save.

One more ....a 1981 really bright red Bingo Card and would be fun to use as a small background for some Christmas art!! Just click to enlarge then right click and save.

It has been a wonderful year and have gotten to share so much with each other and I just want to send a special thanks to all that visit me here to share my journey. I appreciate all your sweet comments and hope to share more things with you in the New Year of 2010!!!
Wishing you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours and may all your wishes come true!
Hope everyone has a joyous time with family and friends!
Many smiles, hugs, wishes and lots of love! Be safe over the holidays!!
See you next year!!!


  1. Love the idea of the box for all of those little letters. Storage ideas are always so welcome! Thank you, Nancy, for these great images, but most of all - thank you for your friendship, support and encouragement. Very warm wishes for the happiest and merriest Christmas ever! Holiday Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. Thanks for sharing my journey. I have gained so much from it. Also love the idea of the box of letters. Hahaha my current theme is all about boxes and boxed in. Haven't finished my journal page on it yet so take a peep soon.
    Have a wonderful christmas and new Year.

  3. Great collage! Super that store box. Thank you for all your beautiful sheets, it was a pleasure to be able to use them. Merry Christmas Nancy and a great 2010!

  4. Nancy, thanks for sharing everything with us, and I love your journal page! Looking forward to what you create in 2010--Merry Christmas!

  5. Nancy, I hope 2010 is as blessed for you as we've been for having you in our lives. Have a merry Christmas!!

  6. Thanks for always encouraging me to fly, sweet Nancy. You will never know how much you have taught me these past two years, and I am so grateful for our on-line friendship. Wishing you love and joy this holiday season.


  7. Just stopping by to wish you and your loved ones a very merry merry (2nd) Christmasday and a happy new year!!!

  8. I love visiting your blog and watching you play in your journals.

  9. Your journal page is fabulous (as always!) and that idea of putting letters into one of those divided boxes is GENIUS!! Thanks for all you share with us. This is really such a happy place to come and visit!

    Happy New Year!

  10. Happy holidays nancy! I love the new collage & happy that you used some of my images from the collage sheet I made (angellea). I have been so inspired by all of the blogs I have seen and especially yours that I have started my own. Thanks to a little encouragement from my friends Marsha & Melissa. Please stop by and check it out sometime!

  11. Love this journal page so much! I have had so much fun learning from you this year. You have taught me so much. Thank you for helping me to grow and fly!! Mostly, thanks for your friendship. I love you more!