Monday, February 15, 2010

A Blissful Color Explosion!!!

Caution: Bright Colors! Please wear protective eyewear! hee hee
This first page is part of my newest journal....when it is all put together I will much left to do to it....
The page was made for AJC
Again I combined a couple of the weeks together...
Week 4- PLAY and Week 5-SEEK
And a bit of BLISS!!! I just love the blissful bubbles all over the page! Don't you?!
Image Credits:
Border: number game piece by: Tangie Baxter...Some imagery from some of my old works and some from the sheet I was creating for my shop that got lost during a puter revamp...imagery from Anahata.
Main Image (left of page): by me all hand drawn and then hand painted with acrylics. Words on her dress are from my WORDY WORD collage sheet and can be found here .
Little People (bottom of page) by: WackyStuff and bodies from other Flickr users...Little girls head from I believe Fresh Fruits book. Word ("GO" and "PLAY" by: Me....Word ("BLISSFUL") Also by: Me handpainted and lettering done with a red Sharpie Paint Pen
Word Bubble/ "Smiling&pleasant thoughts" by: Cemerony
Quote reads, "Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss...Nothing is as rich...Nothing is more real." Author Unknown but was wonderfully supplied by AJC.
Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved (You may NOT copy, download or print for any reason without permission)
Not too sure what happened here...surely did not turn out as planned but was a process and that is what it is all about! Right?!
Image Credits:
Border: Tangie Baxter....Teesha Moore...Anahata...Jackandcatcurio....and if I remember right Landofnodstudio's and some of my own stuffs.
Main Image: Face/Crown altered from a magazine.
Body: again memory loss (maybe cuz I cut the head off LOL) But was from Flickr.
Journaling was created with a brown pitt brush pen from Faber Castell.
Other details created with....Acrylic paints, Sharpie poster paint pens and Neo II's.
Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved (You may NOT copy, download or print for any reason without permission)

I had forgotten all about this page....It was an example I used in my class Collage Dreams on Paper last fall.
Image Credits:
Border: Handmade images...some from my own collage sheets and older works...magazine tidbits...and a couple from Teesha Moore. The fishy(both halves hee hee) are by: JadesFunkiJunk
Main Image: Crown by: Teesha Moore...Face: Altered magazine tid bits....body from Fresh Fruits book.
Lettering and details up top are hand drawn and colored in by Me with Neo II's.
Words: "Getting to know me" are from my WORDY WORD collage sheet.
The rest of the background was done in acrylics and art journaled with my evil ball point pen and a white prismacolor pencil. Ya I know...whatever works! lol
Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved (You may NOT copy, download or print for any reason without permission)
And one more page.....

This page was inspired by the wonderful and talented gal at Pringle Hill.... Terri !!
Her art is so wonderfully inspiring...but there is no way this page can come close in comparison to her colorful works! I can appreciate that! But my effort was fun! :OP Terri I don't know how you do what you do but it is amazing! Thank you for always inspiring! xoxo
Image Credits:
Border and birds: Magic moonlight.....printed out and handcolored with Prismacolor pencils.
Flags: magazine tid bits.
"Bird Brain" piece by Me....that has me written allllllllll over it! LOL
Main Image: is a magazine tear sheet and altered just a touch!
Well that is about all for today!
Hope you find some time to PLAY!!


  1. Whoo-Hoo! Ohhhh, Nancy! I just LOVE all of these pages! And to think that I've inspired YOU has made my heart sing! *blush, blush* I LOVE your springtime lady with her beautiful rose border and those cheery little birds!!! She's got spring on the brain! LOL!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. She's BAA-AAACK! Nancy, how wonderful to see these new pages from you! Honey, you inspire ME every post. *mwah*

  3. Oh my goodness what a lot of inspiration is floating around here... stunning! Most drooling over your last piece.. gorgeous!!!

  4. I am so happy I found you!!! Your art is so inspiring! I couldn't pick a favorite for anything. I love them all!!

  5. Hi Nancy, not really blog hopping yet but dropped by to get my art mind going again. Can always count on you for that - you inspire me so. Lots of gorgeous genius work here my friend. talk to you soon - marsha