Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Crow has landed.....

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Where in the world have I been!? Good heavens! I really don't know for sure...but life got busy...turned 45 and lost my art mojo! Well if turning a year older means losing my art mojo...I really don't know if I want any more birthdays! LOL
ANYWHO! I am back....I have had these pages worked on for awhile and just haven't had time to post them. But this first one is for AJC Art Journal Caravan....I had jumped around alot on the weekly itinerary challenges. And as always I do my own thing. For me the "Verb of the Week" is a good enough jump off point for me to start a page.
For Week 1: Believe
I also, included Week 3: Mend on the same page.
Credits: Border- handmade images...and Anahata.
Main Image: Hat/Hair-Anahata....Face-Flickr Collage Image group...Body-scrap from Fresh Fruits book(could of been Fruits)
Word Bubble-JadesFunkiJunk
Words- "Believe"..."Fortunes Told"..."Mend" from my Wordy Word collage sheet.
Misc Images-FreshFruits...Teesha Moore...and Flickr Collage Images Group on Flickr and some vintage bingo markers from a shop on Etsy.
Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved (You may NOT copy, download or print for any reason without permission)
Week 2 with AJC
I wrote random things that I can accept...the last one with a little sarcasm for myself not to listen to outside critics who may not think of what I do as art. :OP
Credits: Border-Anahata....Teesha Moore...handmade images...magazine tid bits.
Main Image: Crown-Anahata.....Face-altered magazine tid bits. Body-torso a magazine tid bit...skirt-handmade image.....legs/shoes-FreshFruits.
Word: "Accept"- Mailbox prism stickers. (love these things)
Words: "The Now"..."This Dream" from my WORDY WORD collage sheet.
Words: "They can go suck a fish" (hee hee) typed on a Brother label maker.
Fish: Old childrens encyclopedia.
I am still giggling about the fish comment! *snert* lol
And then something changed.........Really! Not sure what happened but I kinda like it!

Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved (You may NOT copy, download or print for any reason without permission)
I do love this page. And the next few pages are all about change. Usually when I lose my art mojo it is about change. At first I don't see it coming....but when I start thinking about the whole thing of losing art is not really about losing anything at is all about growth! I will either do two things about is...nothing and just go about daily life...or work through it! This page and the next few pages are exactly that! Growth and Change.
I do apologize for the bit of shine on the page....still not yet a photographer LOL But it reads, "She always knew when a change was coming on...It meant new things were about to happen."
Credits: Background-Collage Image group on Flickr.
Maid and blue Marilyn are tid bits from a magazine.
Quote: Brother label maker.
And a small tid bit from Teesha Moore.

Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved (You may NOT copy, download or print for any reason without permission)
This has got to be my favorite page of all time. Not sure why that is...but I likey!
I like all its simplicity! And I will tell you how I created this page....It is easy...and it is a page you can create when you don't have alot of time, but feel the need to art journal.
I love Vogue magazines for images to alter! I flip through the magazine and tear or cut out pages (Whole Pages) that catch my eye and place them in a folder and sift through when I need that certain something.
But for this page.....I used the whole page...well with the exception of the little bit I had to omit so it would fit my journal page. After the fit....I used a glue stick and only glued around the outside edge of the backside of the page and adhered it to my journal. (Keeps it from wrinkling and buckling).
I added a tid bit of a face from Teesha Moore. I also added a striped border from one of my handmade papers. I added my own quote to the side of the page with my evil ballpoint pen and then shadowed the letters with a Pitt Brush Pen by Faber Castell.
I added imagery to the girls handbag. and a green chair from PaperScraps on Flickr.
I then added the word "change" from my randsom letter stash box and also Teesha Moore. And then used my hubbys Brother Label Maker for added words.
Lastly I did a bit of journaling on the lower left corner of the page.
That's it! It's that easy!
If you try this I would love to see what you do!

On last page for now....

Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved (You may NOT copy, download or print for any reason without permission)
Another page done in the simular fashion as the previous page. Whole mag page...glued down...did some rubber stamping using stamps from Tuscan Rose. Added some words and called it good! The girl looks depressed....not my expression in the least bit...maybe a bit more absorbed in thinking about change and wondering where it will take her.
I hope you enjoyed this post! I have more pages to share in the near future with you! And hopefully some freebies!!
Much love hope you stay warm...It is snowing here in's a whole whopping 23 degrees...snowing and blustery!! Brrrrrrrrrrr!


  1. One big "WOW!" and a "Holy Cow!" too!!!!! Nancy, these pages are friggin' AWEsome!!!! Lots of eye candy and new color schemes and ideas. LOVE the idea of using the entire page for a journal!!! BRILLIANT time saver, and - most of all- FUN!!!! You may have lost your mojo for a while, but it's B-A-C-K!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. Oh my good grief! These are stunning. And who in their right mind could possibly say this isn't art? Would people take your classes if it wasn't art? No I don't think so. Would I be drooling into my keybopard at the sight of them? No. You tell them to go do nasty things to themselves cos you are busy making AYYYY ARRRR TEEEE!

  3. I love your journal pages they are wonderful. I wish mine would look like that. I also love your digital collage sheets on etsy but have been to afraid to purchase any thing that way. Don't worry it only gets better the older you get!!! (It has to)

  4. I know the feeling that comes right before the change... and yet every time I think "what's going on with me".... work through it is the right way to deal with it for me too! I had such a period in January, and my work changed too. I love the way your pages are going!!! Have a warm and nice weekend!!! (It seems to be snowing all over the world - in the Netherlands, everything is covered too! Not that much though)

  5. Love all your pages but the one before last springs out, although the last one could be it for me as well.......
    I can understand the changes you are going through. My work has changed in the last 3 months and am beginning to find out what my style is, although I do gain inspiration from you and others.