Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Kit & CT CALL FOR CROWABOUT STUDIOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello! Well this last week til today was just plain nuts! I gotta laugh though...Here is the story...Created new kit...uploaded new kit for the Creative Team to do their wonders of the files wouldn't it fixed....tonight I deleted the kit from the site....then reuploaded it....while that was happening...I guess Hollie Haradon-HolliewoodStudios was also doing the same thing at the same time with my kit...she had fixed it on her end too...and when she was uploading I was deleting it LOL Then I uploaded it.....she took it down and redid it again LOL
Then, when it was time to put it in the shoppe....I put up the wrong size image....went back to fix it and ended up messing up one of my previous kits.....At that moment I said AHHHHHH HECK!! Ok so it wasnt that nice ....more like ^#*()&Q)@&)
Sooooooo of my CT's wanted the new version of the new as to get ALL the files.....I gave her a coupon and messed up somewhere where it only gave her 36 cents off the kit!!! OMG!!!
It has been a day! But I am laughing...and at the same time wondering what is next LOL
Ok...the kit...."Backgrounds & Alpha" (I know not very original in the title but hey)
This kit contains:
18- 12x12 Premade Backgrounds
1- Retro Rustic like Alphabet
4 Printable Collage Sheets
You can find it HERE
Tomorrow if I don't end up breaking an arm or leg or accidently blowing myself up hee hee I will be back with some art from my Team and Myself!!!!!
Here is the slideshow of art from my wonderful team

Hello from Nancy Baumiller Crowabout StudioB @ DeviantScrap (dot) com

The time has come to put out a call for more (CT's) Creative Team members!!

I am looking for a few serious and talented individuals to be a part of the Crowabout StudioB team!!!!!!!!!!!

If your are interested in being added to the list you may:

1. Email me:
with your interests in being a CT member for Crowabout StudioB and why you think you would be a good fit for my team!
Also tell me a little bit about yourself, do you have a blog I can visit? or Flickr Photostream?

2. Create a piece of art, it may be a digital collage or paper collage style. I carry both products in my shoppe! You may use any of my freebie kits or purchase any available kit in the Crowabout StudioB Shoppe!

3. Attach your art to the email with your info and the info stated in #1.

When I feel I have all the information I need. The New CT's will be chosen and receieve an email directly from me!

Thank you and good luck!


Nancy Baumiller
Crowabout StudioB @ DeviantScrap

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