Monday, August 9, 2010

The Old Crow is having a SALE!!!!

Introducing......."One Old Crow" kit! Available now and On Sale at Shoppe CrowaboutStudioB
Here are more previews of this kit!!

Yup! This kit even includes 5 jpg Printables for all your creative paper endeavors!

And what do we have here?! Backgrounds, Papers & Rooms! Oh My!!! And oh soooo grungy!!! These were so much fun to create! I got goosey pimples!!!! Ya know...goose bumps! Fun!

This little lovely was created by the lovely and talented Hollie Haradon

This piece just has me rolling on the floor..."A Murder" by: JoAnn
Poor little crows! hee hee

"Caw Caw about it" by Scrappie Irene
Marvelous!! Love that little crow in the bottle! Hope he don't end up like them other crows! hehehe

and one more piece by Yours Truly NancyB "Gotta Chance"

And now a word from our sponsor!!!......LOL
Crowabout StudioB is having a sale??!! Yes indeed! Check it out!


Oh my!!! Definately something to Crowabout!!!!
As a big thank you for always visiting me and leaving such lovely comments!!
A coupon just for you...
Coupon No Longer Available Still have some new kits On Sale if you would like to visit here: CrowsNest
Don't miss out! It's for one week only!
I'm off for a little break, as my younguns are about to start a new school year!
Be Back Soon! Hopefully with some art!
Many Blessings & Creative Moments,

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