Friday, August 26, 2011

4 New kits to share with you!

Gotta tell you, that this first kit (above) is the most amazing kit! Would you like to know why? Well, I am going to tell you! hee hee My Creative Team created all these funky people! Yup!

I supplied them with people parts and they took it to new levels of creativeness! Each funky person "Peep" has their very own personality! This is one gigantic kit! It's huge! Just for starters there are 30 Peeps!!

There is even parts for you to created your very own Peeps!

There are 5 previews to this kit-plus some fantastic art layouts from the team!

Check it out:

Yup! Still having issues with my links! I think what I need is to upgrade to Windows7. That is the easy part....finding a techy...not so much! I will find one!

Collage Sheets! 10 of them! Yup! 10! Also includes 8 Art Journal sized printable background papers for your art journaling.

There is even an Add-On Mini Accessories kit! Great lil things for your Peeps to hold. Collage Sheet included with digital PNGS.
How Tweet it is!!! Lil' Birds Mini kit and you can grab them up for your very own!
Be sure to check out the slideshow above to see previews of the kit and the marvelous talents of my Creative Team!!
Thank you for stopping by! Enjoyed having you here!