Sunday, September 4, 2011

My New Art Journal Cover

It is very rare that as of late that I decorate the cover of my art journal. This time I did!
Credits: Personal Stash, Altered Magazine tid bits, Tumble Fish Studio-Border Bunch and an image she has on Flickr. The Alpha letters on right are from annieoakley also on Flickr.
Glad you could stop by!
Copyright 2011 Nancy Baumiller-Crowabout StudioB All Rights Reserved


  1. Wow! Nancy, your cover is rockin'! I have never decorated a cover, I never quite know what I "should" put on it. Yours is perfect.

  2. Great colors!
    this would be a fun card!

  3. Thanks Carolyn! I just did mine in the same fashion I would create an art journal page. If you are worried about paper pieces falling off they have protective sprays to use such as Tree House Studio Clear Acrylic Matte Coating. Dries quickly. There are others, this is just one of them. You can also use Gel-Medium to put a protective coat on. I like the spray.

  4. Thank you Peggy! It would be and make a fun postcard wouldnt it! :O) xoxo

  5. Very, very cool. Great images and a really wonderful color palette.

  6. Thank you Seth! I had alot of fun with it! xoxo