Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2012 to you all! A whole new year with new beginnings and so many possibilities!
So glad you could stop by!
To kick off the new year...Crowabout StudioB is going to start it off with 2 new kits!
The first is called:
Courageous Me
What better way to start the year eh? By being brave, being courageous!
This is totally a whole new series! Starting with Courageous Me, you can start documenting your goals and accomplishments by creating a calendar page! It including all the necessities for a January 2012 calendar page! Yay!
You can find it here:

The Papers! Yum!

Each month I will be bringing a new calendar page kit to the shoppe for you to continue your journey through 2012! Cool eh?

Collage Sheets? Of course there are!

Oh and what's this..........

Doodles! Yup! A little mini kit with yours truly's doodles!

Doodlie Doo's

A fab Add On-Mini kit that will go great with Courageous Me!

Here is the linky poo:

Hope you will stop in and check it out! I am working on my own calendar pages too! Will be sharing that in my next couple of posts!

Much love, hugs & blessings for you



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  1. Happy New Year for you and yours! x Audrey