Friday, November 12, 2010

New Art-3 Muses Challenge-Blackbirds

Created for The Three Muses Challenge-BlackBirds
"Crow Bar"
Thanks ladies this was fun!

Background: From "Backgrounds & Alpha" Crowabout StudioB
Crows: From "One Old Crow" Crowabout StudioB
Words "Crow" "Bar": From "Oddly Odds & Ends" and "Backgrounds& Alpha" Crowabout StudioB
Words "Caw Caw": From "One Old Crow" Crowabout StudioB
Coatrack, No Smoking Sign, Vending Machine, Top Hats, Exit Sign & Jukebox: From "Thing Finder" Holliewood Studio
Martini Glasses/Bottle: From "Void" Holliewood Studio
Trash Can & Tables: From "Tommy Town" Clemetine Designs
Bar Stools: From "Rusty & Abandoned" Crowabout StudioB

Thanks for stopping by!



Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller-All Rights Reserved


  1. Nancy, I love this and I love your sense of humour. Great fun my friend.

  2. Well Thank YOU, Nancy. This is clever and gave me a huge smile. Thanks for joining us this week1

  3. These crows are really having fun in their stylish bar!

  4. This is wonderful, Nancy!! Great fun - cheers!

  5. Your blackbirds are wonderful Nancy! What a perfect challenge for YOU! hee hee You're so fun.

    We need to catch up. I think of you everyday and hope things are going well. It's been crazy as usual around here and still always a race to catch up on anything. I guess I have to get used to a life of always feeling behind. I think it's just part of the work we do, huh?

    Well, if I don't get anything else done before, want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope that you surround yourself with your loved ones! I'll be thinking of you and so thankful that our journeys have crossed and we have this time to share it with each other.


  6. Love you funny crow bar!
    Very original and creative art work

  7. Ha Nancy! Your crow bar made me giggle! What a way to start the day! Thanks!


  8. I finally got around to seeing your delightful artwork, Nancy. I love it! So original and kooky!