Monday, November 29, 2010

New Art!!!

New Art Journal Pages!!!
Credits for first page:
Border: My own imagery and Teesha Moore
Bird Fairy: Body/Feet Teesha Moore...Bird Head: Not sure where I found it.
Main Imagery: Body by me...Legs by Teesha Moore...Face&Hat by Me
Writings and doodles are of my own.

I have to tell you, I don't know how many camera shots I had to take of this page just so it would look decent on here! Sheessh! lol
This second page credits:
Border: Teesha Moore imagery, My own and a bit of scrapbooking paper & also a bit from Tumblefishstudio -Little Round Things.
Main Imagery: Body and Face cut from magazine and other books then altered.
Legs: From my Body Language kit at Crowabout StudioB
Writings and doodles are of my own.
Thank you for stopping by!
Copyright 2010 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved You may NOT copy, print or download in any fashion without prior written permissions.


  1. I've missed seeing your awesome journal pages, Nancy! These are fabulous!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. Love love love your journal pages. The second one made me laugh out loud - must remember that quote it could come in v useful!!

  3. LOL, Nancy!!! I must use this quote on one of my pages, (if that's okay?) I think it expresses my attitude toward some recent dealings I've had with certain beauraucratic types - teehee. Your other pages look fantastic, too! You inspire me!

  4. BAAAHAHHAHA! Okay, this last page is pretty much the most fabulous thing EVER. May I quote you?