Monday, July 25, 2011

New AJ Page! New Kit and A New Look!

Sharing an art journal page I created! Thought I would share at least one! There are so many yet to show you!! Just haven't had the time to upload them all! So, you will be seeing a lot more art here soon!
Credits: Odd People & Borders kit by Crowabout StudioB @, Border Bunch by Tumble Fish Studio @ and bits from Teesha Moore
Crowabout StudioB @ has a new kit to share with you!
The Bird Whisperer
My mornings are spent sitting outside listening to the world come alive! Listening to all the little birds chirping, singing their song and I catch myself trying to immitate them! I just love birds, don't you?
The Bird Whisperer is now in the shoppe and on sale til Wednesday!
Here is the link to this one:

And can I just say....WOW! Look at all these lovely sample layouts created by the team!!
I am just in awe of their talents! They so rocked my socks with this kit!!
Take a look!
Artists (above) from left to right:
Gayle Page-Robak, Zaza, Fifi and Kellygirl

Artists (above) from left to right:

Gayle Page-Robak, Joyuslion, Joyuslion and Kazadoodle

Artists (above) from left to right:
WaterRabbit, Ren, WaterRabbit, MichelleinMi and anubis
Artists (above) from left to right:
Kellygirl, Gayle Page-Robak, MaggieBean and Pinkadoo
Gorgeous! Gorgeous pages girls!! Rock on!!
Be back soon with some more of my own art!
See you then!


  1. I just downloaded my bird whisperer kit - now to CREATE!

  2. Awesomeness! Thank you so much Debbie! Have a fun time with it! xoxo