Friday, July 8, 2011

It's an Odd Odd World-Eye Candy-New kit

by: MaggieBean
Would you just look at all this lovely eye candy art that my
Crowabout StudioB Creative Team made! OMG!! I am in heaven!!
The team did an outstanding job!
by: Water Rabbit
by: Joyuslion
by: Ren
by: Water Rabbit
by: Water Rabbit
by: Gayle Page-Robak
by: Gayle Page-Robak
by: Gayle Page-Robak
by: Water Rabbit
by: Kelly Burton
by: Kelly Burton
by: Fifi
I am just in awe of their talents!
And here is the new kit! It is an addition to go with Odd People & Borders as well as
More Odd People & Borders! This little kit will cordinate with just about any Crowabout StudioB
kit that is in my shoppe! Fun little shops for all those odd peeps to do their own shopping! Fun!
There are fun papers to go along with the little shops! Yum!!
Well, I had thought I had fixed the problem with highlighting links by updating my IE...wrong-O!! LOL I still have no idea how to fix this problem! I give people! I give! LOL Sheesh! What's a girl to do?! If you have any clue as to how to fix this, please let me know! I would be most thankful!!
We also have a fun challenge going on in the forum!!
Right here: It is called: From The Crow's Nest!! Each month artists are asked to submit their work using Crowabout kits ...of which 2 will be selected to be highlighted in the Deviant Muse!! Those 2 individuals will then also receive a coupon to go shopping in my Crowabout StudioB shoppe! If you would like more information and are interested in submitting your work, just click the link above!! If you are not a current member of you can join us here:
Thank you for stopping by! It is such a pleasure to have you visit!
Be seeing you again soon!

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