Monday, June 27, 2011

Paper Art, Digital Art & A New Kit! Long Post!

"Fish Bubbles" by: Nancy Baumiller
Hello!! This first piece is completely, a paper pieced collage! With the exception of an acrylic painted back ground and bubbles! All the rest is paper piecing! Fun it was!

And there goes that non-highlighting issue where I can't make my links look nicer...and smaller for that fact! LOL That's it! I am writing Blogger! haha

"Time To Remember" by: Nancy Baumiller

This second piece of digital art was created with my newest kit, More Odd People & Borders! Which we will get to here in a moment!

"My Happy Coffee Place" by: Nancy Baumiller
I love love love my coffee! Don't care what kind....just pour it and keep it coming! LOL
This was created using a fun kit by Marsha- Tumble Fish Studio at DeviantScrap and this beauty can be found here and what else would it be called: Happy Place here is the link:
"Patience" by: Nancy Baumiller
This last piece is a digital one! Created..again with More Odd People & Borders
I have been trying my hardest to work on my digital pages looking more like my paper ones. It is not easy I tell ya! I don't think I quite captured it here, but fun none the less!
So..ya...let's move on shall we...

And this....this is my newest kit! The funky people is not the only thing in the kit! I swear! Honest! lol Check it out!

I am in-love with these papers! I could eat them! They look so yummy! Not braggin mind you! I love color and to me they look good enough to eat! hahahha ...we are not done yet! There is more...
The Borders!! Borders is what I probably used the most! These are coming straight out of my art journal and ready for you to get your hands on them!!
annnnnnnnnd the funky body parts and accessories! Fun! The team and I had a blast with it! Ohhh and speaking of the word 'team'....I have added a few more lovely & talented people to my Crow's Nest!
Some of you may know these lovely gals:
Jeanette aka Ren
Ferryl aka Fifi
Patty aka WaterRabbit
Isabelle aka zaza09
Gayle Page-Robak
Ani aka MaggieBean
These gals just jumped right in and started creating layouts! You can view them all in a new slide show just above this post!! Welcome girls! So happy to have you join the team!! WOOT!
Oh and btw find More Odd People & Borders..just click the link below and you will be shot off through space and time directly to my crazy, yet fun little world on the net! tee hee hee
for you paper collage lovers, this kit also comes in JPG format! Collage Sheets!
Happy link clicking and a Happy Monday to you!
Til we meet again!

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  1. Love all these pretty pages Nancy! I wish you and I were sitting at that very table drinking our coffee together heee heee! Happy 4th sweetie!